3 Easy Ways To Dominate Your Health In A Corporate World

You are swarmed at work and stressed out. Your doctor is telling you need to eat better and move more. You wake up and your body is aching. You look in the mirror and hate what you see. You are so busy and have no time for yourself.

I understand as a business professional you wake up at the crack of dawn before the world and go to bed after the world. Today I’m going to show you how even with a busy schedule you can make time to dominate your health in less than 20 minutes a day.

Are You Planning Your Day?

You are not busy, you just have not planned your time wisely. Yes, bold statement but as a business professional you know time is money, so start planning your day. I know you have your smart phone on you everywhere you go so start using the calendar on your smartphone and plug in all meetings and appointments.

You will be surprised to find out how much time you actually waste vs. being productive. After working with many business professionals just like you I found they had more time once they record it. Start using your smartphone calendar this week and watch the difference.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin

#1 Drink Water 40 oz Right When You Get Up

Yes I know you think you run on coffee and sugar laden energy drinks. But if you switch all that to water you will burn fat and gain explosive energy. Your body cravings water over food all the time.

Supercharge your day with drinking 40oz of water! Don’t sip it, Down it! Your body’s metabolism will spark into action and you will get a jolt of energy like never before
-Tim Hoover

Your body is made up of 60 to 70 percent water. Did you know that different parts of your body needed this much percentage of water?

All numbers according to USGS, but did you know your body parts are made up of this much water?

Did you know your Brain is made up of about 70 %?

Did you know your Blood is made up of about 80 %?

Did you know your Skin is made up of about 75 %?

Did you know your Liver is made up of about 68 %?

Did you know your Kidney is made up of about 80 %?

Did you know your Muscles is made up of about 60 %?

Did you know your Bones made up of about 22 %?

Did you know your Lungs is made up of about 79 %?

Did you know your Heart is made up of about 79 %?

Put down the coffee and energy drinks. Now switch to water and feel the difference.

*Drink 1.5 Gallons of Water a day.*

Prepare Healthy Food In Advance

The same way you prepare for business meetings and trips you must attack your health. Treat it like it is a million dollar deal, because it is. If your body gives out on you and you are laying on your deathbed, you can’t close any deals. Take care of your body and watch the dough start to roll in!

Health is Wealth !

Get your assistant and or take time to cut up fruits and veggies and place them in ziplock bags. If you have a business trip in New York, look up healthy restaurants where you will be staying and find a healthy meal you can indulge in from the restaurants so you don’t have to find something healthy on the go, but you have an exact list.

Yet again lock down 5 minutes in your calendar to cut up fruits and veggies.

7 Minute Routine To Boost Your Health

Did you know you could get the same benefit of a 40 to 60 minute full gym workout in 7 minutes? It is scientifically proven that if you do a 7 minute all out intense bodyweight workout you can get the same benefits as if you were doing a full 40 to 60 minute full gym workout.

Tim and Trace has been in Houston helping with the disaster relief and even with working long hours and spending even more hours driving they have found time every day to hit the gym. Not the traditional brick and mortar gym but they would do jumping jacks, push-ups, sprints and other bodyweight routines.

Just by doing a 7 minute high intense workout you will boost your mind, body, and gain so much clarity in your business & life like never before.
-Tim & Trace Hoover

7 Minute Clarity Workout

1 min Run in Place

2 min Jump Jacks

3 min Shadow Jump Rope

4 min Push Ups

5 min In & Outs

6 min Planks

7 min Burpees

Do each exercise for 1 minute with max effort!

* Warm-up, Drink water whenever needed, and give it everything you have!*

4 Actionable Information To Implement

1. Use Your Smartphone Calendar

2. Drink 40 oz of Water To Start Your Day

3. Prepare Healthy Food In Advance

4. Take 7 mins & Be Intense & Dominate Your Workout

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