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3 Important Sales Psychology Tips You Should Master

How to get inside the head of your customers.

Did you know you can create sales with a simple psychological trigger?

The human brain is astounding and if you could find the correct application to cause someone’s mind to flip to your way of thinking you make the sale.

Think about your last spur of the moment purchase. Why did you get your new phone, those $200 jeans, or your 5th fidget spinner?

It was an emotional desire brought on by a trigger set forth in your brain which caused you to have a want so deeply you gave in to the emotion.

Everything is psychology.

Nothing is nothing. In fact, when you apply psychology to your marketing, you end up understanding more about your audience, which can grow your business faster. Let me show you some tips about sales psychology which can, well, help you produce more sales on social.

Understand Habituation

Habituation is the problem many marketers face in the industry today. This is when you are bombarded with constant sales pitches, email opt-ins, video’s wanting you to perform some type of action.

It’s all over the web and your brain has learned to shut this stuff out. Habituation are things which the brain weeds out and calls irrelevant or not useful.

Habituation happens when too much of one thing constantly happens over and over again.

For example, my friend Connor lives in Chicago and has an apartment by the L-train. Every night at 2 a.m. the train comes rumbling by but Connor doesn’t wake up.

However, one night Connor heard a slight creak in the kitchen and he awoke instantly.

The reason for this is habituation. Your brain determines what is relevant and irrelevant in order to make you pay attention. Connor had gotten used to the train coming through every night at 2 a.m. and therefore deemed this noise “irrelevant” so it shut it out.

Don’t Be Noise

This in itself should make you take a step back and reevaluate the way you approach your customers on a daily basis. Are you doing the same kind of things to get people’s attention? If so, then they’re probably doing the exact opposite of what you want them to do and your sales pitch is like water off the proverbial duck’s back.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

One company gets this process.

FreeeUp is a company who prides themselves in providing a useful service for entrepreneurs, but how many companies are doing this very thing? It’s easy for a business like this to get lost in the crowd.

However, their strategy is to let the customer tell them what they need instead of the other way around. It’s an original way to grab more business AND make sure the customer is getting what they want.

Habituation is all around you. Take your marketing to the next level and stand out from the crowd by understanding your competition and how they are approaching their audience. Learn what they’re doing right and what you can improve on to delay habituation from happening to your sales strategy.

2. Fear of Loss is Greater Than Desire For Gain

Your dollar is more valuable than my dollar. Why? Because it’s your dollar. This is why in your next sales pitch you should focus on what they’re missing out on rather than what your audience is going to gain by it.

FOMO creates emotional distress and feelings of being cast out

This is also known as FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. We hate to be left out of anything, and your audience is no different. When they learn you only have two items left or there’s only one more day for the sale, it triggers the fight or flight reaction in their brains causing a trigger to fire and action to be taken.

This is also known as the scarcity principle which creates a FOMO effect in your sales strategy. It’s powerful and effective, however, you shouldn’t always resort to using FOMO in your selling online because your audience will start to view your business as threatening.

It is still important to let people know what they stand to gain from your product or service as well. There’s a good balance between these two strategies so use them both.

3. The Commitment to be Consistent

The largest and most effective sales psychology strategy you could ever accomplish is to continue on the path.

Keep producing great content which helps your audience achieve their goals. Keep producing helpful video’s, blog content, and social curation which does the same.

You may think having this business mindset doesn’t affect your community in any way, but in reality it is the most abundant way to create trust, build relationships, and play the long game with your customers.

This is your brand image at it’s best and when you’re continually helping and being consistent with it, you are solidifying your image within your audience which makes them know, like, and trust you more each time you produce something.

Don’t knock the effectiveness of always being top of mind within your congregation. This is hard core marketing and only the strong survive in this type of ocean. While many come and go, you will show your audience you’re here to stay when you are consistent.

Are You Doing Any Of These?

While you might not be mindful if you are or not, I’m sure if you look deep into your strategy you may have done something which grabbed a sale or made your numbers go up one week. What was it? Look deeper into what you did and I guarantee there was a psychological aspect in which you missed you could apply again.

What are some of your biggest hurdles when selling? Let me know in the comments and let’s get it ironed out!

Let me know how I can help you with your content psychology and start attracting the right kind of customer!

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