3 questions to ask yourself at this time of year

It’s that in-between time of year… maybe you’re still eating turkey leftovers, you’ve had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus you’ve had your fill of movies and Christmas specials on the TV​…

So your mind starts to wonder. You start to think “What I am doing with my life?”, “Where did that year go?” and “what am I going to be doing next year?” or maybe even “this isn’t how I expected my 2017 to turn out…”

… and the the dreaded new years resolutions pop up — the list of things that you’re going to give up! Which can feel quite depressing at times… words like cut-back, cut-out, stop. All quite limiting vocabulary which doesn’t feel expansive or inspired. More like a month of hard gruel, and in the back of your mind you’re worried that you may give up again like last time.

So I invite you to look at these 3 questions. Because this time of year we are normally out of our normal routine, we probably don’t even know what day it is, we maybe back at work or not but it feels in-betweenie. And at this time, it’s perfect to take a step back, breath and look at what’s really going on.

Here’s the 3 questions to ask yourself at this time of year​:

1. If I carry on exactly as I am now, in a years’ time will I be satisfied? Will I be fulfilled?

And maybe the answer is yes — and that’s great! Well done you — what can you do more of? How can you fill it with more love, more fulfilment?

However if the answer is no, then this is the time to do something about it as I work with so many people who kind of let life pass them by and time can go so quick and a few months can turn into a few years and suddenly they wake up into full panic mode to change their life. But if you can spot that inside call for something different now, then you will thank yourself later.

2. If I will not be fully satisfied if I just carry on, then what would my life look like so that I feel fully satisfied​ and fulfilled?

What is that is going to make you have that deep fulfilment? Is it a change of career? Or where you are living? or maybe it’s a change in circumstances, something that’s been going on that’s been getting up your nose. So really get connected to your vision of what you life would like look so that you feel fully satisfied? What is it that you would really love?

3. Am I ready?

Are you ready for that change now? Are you ready to grow into that person that can feel that deep satisfaction? Are you ready to work through all the blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you where you currently are and not allowing you to reach your full potential? Are you ready to go through the uncomfortable zone, that place where you grow and try new things, rather than staying stuck in the status quo? Because remember, nothing happens in our comfortable zone, except our current reality. We have to be willing to go through the uncomfortable zone in order to grow. Are you ready to grow into the person that you would love to be?

Are you ready to take action? It’s not just about visioning, wishing and praying. It is about also taking action. And this is why a lot of the Law of Attraction stuff goes a bit wrong — you make a wish and do affirmations but if you’re not actually taking any action to change then nothing will change. Your vision needs both — your intention and energy focused on what you want with practical action to get there.

Are you willing to get help? So many of us think we have to do it all alone, that unless we do alone its not a true win. We don’t have to struggle alone and figure it all out — it’s such a myth with people who are really successful that they did it all alone. Often the most famous entrepreneurs have good advisors and help to assist them in being successful. So ask for help — especially if you are a warrior woman!!! I speak from sore experience on this — I was one of those superwoman characters who though I had to do it all alone. And I made some costly mistakes, ok, now I look back I can see they were great lessons and blessing but I would have saved so much time, energy and money if I had got the right advice (that’s why now I have two coaches to help me succeed!)

So these are the 3 questions to ask yourself at this time of year. If you would like further help I am doing my FREE LIVE Training “Create Your WonderFULL Life” on 3rd January to help you create your wonderfull 2018. Join me here: http://www.kellymorgan.tv/create-your-wonderfull-l…

Love Kelly


Originally published at www.kellymorgan.tv on December 27, 2017.

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