3 Reasons I Love Working With Women Executives and Leaders Instead Of Men

Last month, I was speaking to a female friend of mine; a successful business owner who is currently opening up two new facilities throughout the state of Oregon in 2018.

As we were catching up with one another and talking about both our businesses, I expressed how strange it was that all my clients for the past several months had been all males and no females, when until now, it’s typically been predominately females I’ve worked with for so many years.

Half-jokingly, I said, “I don’t want to deter anyone from being a client, but where are all my awesome women out there who I know I can help?! This isn’t as fun without them. Perhaps I’ve lost my charisma to the female population!”

Now, I honestly haven’t been at all worried about it, but did find it an interesting observation, and gained more awareness of it during our call.

I trust that the right women clients will come when the time is right and until my writing this article, I haven’t done anything differently whatsoever in my marketing or content creation to attract more women clients.

However, since our conversation, I have been more aware of the “void” I feel from not working with any women at the moment.

And as I’ve worked with so many different male clients over the last quarter of the year, though I greatly appreciate working with them, it’s also opened my eyes to a few of the reasons I absolutely LOVE working with motivated women leaders.

Now, before I start here, please understand that these are my general observations, and to not take this too literally. No two people are exactly alike, and certainly, there are plenty of blended qualities between us men and women. I will admit this though, even though a decent portion of my male clients possessed these attributes, it didn’t feel the same to me.

1) Women leaders are excellent communicators; they are more emotionally open, and have had significant breakthroughs and transformations earlier on in our time working together.

It’s no secret that most women seem to have a more natural inclination at being better communicators, (particularly better at communicating emotions), than men are. I learned this even more so during my corporate days working as a mental health clinician, and speaking to many women about their biggest challenges with spouses and boyfriends.

Since I happen to be very well versed and passionate about establishing connection and transformation, it makes this process with women a true joy for me. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I’ve grown accustomed to women having an emotional breakthrough and start crying on a 30 minute sales call with me. Each time it happens, I’m less surprised, but just as grateful that I could hold that space for them to feel safe and open up.

2) Women leaders don’t have as big of egos as men do.

Get angry if you want to men, but it’s true! There is nothing more challenging than working with a client who simply thinks they ‘know it all’ and is not really open to growth, change, and different ways of doing things.

Chipping away at this with most men, especially the executive men I primarily work with, is truly a different art form that can wear me down if I’m not highly aware, mindful of my energy, and able to “let go” of feeling overly responsible for someone’s learning curve.

And while I’ve definitely had the exact opposite of this to be true with some clients, it’s very refreshing to work with women who seem more inclined at identifying and accepting their emotional blockages, areas of being stuck, and open to doing things differently.

3) Women leaders are exceptional students, more organized, and better at following through with my course assignments.

I’ve been well aware of this fact since grade school! Not much of a challenge for me to admit this, especially since I’ve never been great at being organized nor staying consistent with my homework. At least in my observations, (which again, are general and not always the case), successful women have always seemed to me to have a natural ability and dedication to working harder than a majority of the men around them.

I feel confident in saying this because not only have I coached so many of these types of women for many years now, but I’ve had both romantic and platonic relationships with women like this throughout grade school and college and they ran circles around me in these areas!

I currently see this quality particularly manifest itself in my coaching when it comes to working on designing things, such as updating one’s LinkedIn profile or website, and with online marketing, branding.

I truly admire and appreciate this quality about women leaders. And since I am so passionate about teaching and learning (for example, having courses I offer with all my coaching packages), it would be hopefully obvious to the reader to understand why it is such a blessing and huge source of joy to me when I work with women who don’t need to be “told” to follow through and stay consistent with the course assignments in time with our 1:1 calls.

In these instances, since the women seem to be more naturally organized and disciplined, I can focus more on my natural strengths as a coach in our sessions. That being said, many busy, multi-faceted women leaders are not always as organized when we initially start working together so we identify areas of focus and create a more effective use of their time and strategy. This usually sets the ball rolling for them to follow through and do their thing. In fact, earlier this year I worked with an executive woman who had never worked with a coach before, after running her own business for 10 years.

Since we were able to identify her strengths and channel her energy to the tasks that actually brought results (versus doing many things at once, and spinning her wheels) she actually grew her profits by 10xs over the next 100 days! This is NOT an exaggeration either, as she took everything I taught her and hit the ground running with it. She was not joking when she told me one of her strengths was applied learning J

So a special thank you and message of appreciation to all the wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years. I miss you ladies.

And to those I have not yet met, but will work with in the future, I hope to see you soon.


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