Aug 31, 2017 · 3 min read

3 Reasons why decorating your workspace with plants is beneficial for you

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Our workspaces are like our home. We invariably spend a significant amount of time of our life in our workspaces. So it goes without saying that trying to decorate or add some spice to our workspaces is important to all of us. We sometimes use pictures of our family members, some inspirational posters, our favourite quotes or some other unique decorating ideas. But how about using something that will not only look good at your desk but will also have several benefits to go along with it? I am talking about using nature to serve dual purposes of decorating the desk as well as an increase in your productivity. What better than to use the most natural thing: Plants.

Decorating your office desk with plants can be an easy and cost-effective way to improve your office space. It has additional benefits too. Here are 3 reasons why decorating your workspace with plants is beneficial for you:

Health benefits

Plants in your desk can change the air quality in the office space. It helps to reduce fatigue, bring down instances of cough and sore throats and can act as a mood uplifter. Plants reduce the levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. It helps to reduce airborne dust levels. Keeping plants indoors helps to improve the quality of air indoors. With pollution on the rise these days, who doesn’t need some clean air? It has been found that plants can also boost healing although this is of much better use in a hospital than in an office. But plants sure help to uplift moods and keep you in a happy state.

Stress busters

Plants have proved to alleviate stress. Taking care of the plants in between breaks can help you to deal with work-related stress. Seeing the plants grow every day and caring for it can act as a great stress buster.The presence of plants can reduce anxiety and stress. Even staring at plants can significantly reduce stress. More often than not, we seek a gateway to a forest or a hill station, where we can relax and reduce our stress levels. So keep plants at your desk to deal with stress and anxiety. Plants can also ease depression and promote a sense of well-being.

Increase productivity

Plants have been known to increase productivity. It helps you keep relaxed. Plants can help in improving concentration and memory retention. Plants in your desk make it look beautiful and greener. Green soothes the eye and reduces eye fatigue. As plants can uplift moods, employees are happier. Happier employees are more productive. Studies suggest that plants offer a visually meditative effect to the workplace, leading to happier employees who are more productive. Furthermore, they can also improve concentration and memory which will make us more productive in our work.

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