3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Unexpected Situations

My car died.

Then, my kitchen pipe bursts causing water damage. Finally, the reporting structure changed at work along with one of my mentors abruptly quitting.

It’s only March and this is the short list of all the unexpected situations coming our way already.

No matter how often changes arise, it takes a certain amount of effort to deal with them. Logically, I know the universe is conspiring with my best interest in mind. However, in the middle of the events, sometimes having a few tips handy can help deal when in the moment.

“I deeply believe that everything is relative. We need the bad to appreciate the good, and vice versa. We need something unexpected to happen in order for us to realize that everything was expected. It’s our relation to those things that we are able to decide how we feel and the level of intensity of those feelings. Such is relativity” — Shania Twain

3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Unexpected Situations

#1 Detach: A certain degree of emotional detachment is important. It helps you take a step back from problems, surprises and expected events, and therefore, to be less affected by them. This helps you stay calm and in control of yourself, and therefore, be in a better position to deal with whatever is happening in your life without expectations.

Use a decision-making strategy, such as The TACT Strategies.

  • Think a minute — let your mind settle.
  • Assess the situation — gather information.
  • Consider alternatives — generate options.
  • Take a stand — follow-through with confidence

#2 Keep things in perspective: For most of the things that happen to you, there’s no way of knowing whether they will be a bad thing or a good thing — and which one an event turns out to be often has a lot to do with how you respond.

Here’s 3 Steps to help put things back into perspective :

  1. Stop the boat. If momentum is driving you to make a decision quickly, then, do what we so rarely give ourselves an opportunity to do: think.
  2. Assess Your Actual Options. Start with a blank slate: think about the outcome you want given the new situation, the information you have at hand, and the resources available. Then lay out your options.
  3. Sail. Based on your new assessment, make a decision, and commit.

#3 Meditate:. Practicing meditation every day can change your life and help you build resilience when faced with the unexpected.

I bought a new car, had new pipes installed in the kitchen and have a fresh new outlook at work. Change is constant and there will always be something that comes up. Remember to detach, put things into perspective, and practice mediation.

Keep these tips handy to help guide through your waves of unexpected change. Do you have tips of your own? Feel free to share.

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Originally published at www.citybornsouthernliving.com on March 14, 2018.