3 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress

Knock out stress with these simple tricks that you can do at the office today!

Saliba Faddoul
Mar 25 · 3 min read

The sad reality is that an article about dealing with stress will forever be needed because removing stress from our lives is something many of us can’t do, but at the end of the day we can learn to deal with it 10x faster with just a few easy to follow techniques. These are the three ways I’ve learned to deal with stress in a just a quick second.

  1. Turn the music on (&blast it in your ears). So you don’t actually have to blast the music in your ears, but what you can do is just play something that moves your mind off the current issue or situation. By this I mean, something soft without a beat is not going to help you deal with stress, the entire point of the music is to draw your mind away from your issues. But if you choose a song that is not fast paced, has a good beat, or is not loud enough to hold your attention than the technique is not really going to work properly.
  2. Walk yourself through the issue. So this one is something I do all the time and sometimes it makes me look like I’m crazy, but it works. Talking to yourself is a powerful and awesome way to get over stress in just a few minutes. Now I’m not advocating that you talk about anything under the sun to yourself, what I am advocating is that you stop and think about all the problems and issues that you are facing at the moment. For example if you missed a deadline at work and are in trouble, walk yourself through why you missed the deadline, where did you waste time, how could you change it, and how can you fix the situation. Don’t have a meltdown and don’t lose your grip on reality, and try your best to walk yourself through the steps you could take to fix the situation quickly and calmly.
  3. You’re Positives. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in all the negative things in life, but when we are at our lowest points it is always important to remember the things that we have won. Life is not a marathon it is a sprint and if you think of each failure or each stressful moment for more than just the moment in which it is happening you will never be happy. Don’t do it. When you feel stressed, STOP, and think of all the good things that are happening in your life. Think of the good things that have happened already and encourage yourself that the good times they’ll be back soon.

All in all, it is ok to feel stressed, but what is not ok is to sit back and do nothing to stop it. Never allow stress to overtake your life, and always remember that a few simple steps can really change the way your entire day will go.

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