3 Tips to Helping a Friend in Grief

Life isn’t always easy and we all trudge through tough times. Having a friend by your side can make all the difference! Here are the 3 Steps to helping a friend in grief.

  1. Listen, listen, listen

Yes, that does mean put your phone away and on silent. The first step to helping someone is being there for them and that means much more than just sitting near them. This includes complete focus, eye contact, and love. Limit distractions when a friend is opening up to you and give them your full attention. Oftentimes, the best helpers are the best listeners.

2. Don’t try to solve their problem

When a friend or family member opens up to us, it doesn’t mean we are automatically a certified counselor. This means letting them spill their feelings and only speaking when they suggest it. Trust me, being present for someone during a tough time is enough and we don’t need to solve their problem. Plus, the chances of you actually solving their deep state of grief is close to impossible.

3. Do not, in the name of God, downplay the situation

“Well, at least (insert problem) didn’t happen because that would be a lot worse.” This is common among individuals who are offering advice and it can make the situation much worse. It isn’t the helper’s place to assess the situation. When someone approaches you with their grief, understand that this is probably the toughest part of their current life.

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