3 Tips To Keep A Healthy State of Mind

Helpful Hints To Stay Sane and Improve Overall Well-Being.

Wade Harman
Apr 25, 2017 · 4 min read

Your mind is the machine of your body. When you maintain a healthy mental state, your entire body and life works a whole lot better. Sadly, people run themselves ragged, work too hard, stay up too late, and sometimes abstain from abstaining from stress, worry, and doubt.

In order to achieve a perfect mind/body/life balance you need to understand three key mental health attributes which can bring a more positive attitude, help you in your work and home life, and bring about peace which leads to a longer life. When you take care of your mind, the rest of your problems seem to absolve themselves. Here are three tips to help you overcome YOU.

#1 — Stay Positive, Even In Negative Situations

In order to achieve complete and total mental enlightenment, you must always be in control of your feelings. While this may sound bogus and unreliable to your specific condition, it is attainable. You may have already guessed, you’re fighting a losing battle to begin with because we are already wired to be negative. The cortical electrical stimulation in our brains is the negative thoughts and feelings which come and go throughout the day, but you have to police them.

In a sense, they are the unwanted gang members running rampant through the streets of your mind and it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Have you ever read The Secret? This lifestyle, while with some propaganda, it still promotes a conditioning in the mind which demands positivity. You have to train your brain to be positive.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but this is the main goal you should try to achieve. Think about the good in everything. While some people say sending out positive energy is good for the atmosphere around you, I am simply stating that positive thinking could help you extend your life.

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#2 — Manage Your Worry (and Other Things)

Psychologically, it’s easier for you to shove the bad feelings down a dark hole where your subconscious sits on them until you implode from the pressure from it later down the road. You already know this practice isn’t healthy but what are you gonna do? If it’s the only thing you know, you automatically do it without thinking about it.

Instead of hiding from those emotional feelings, manage them. Worry, stress, doubt, and fear are all products of your mind. You control these feelings.

When you think of management, you think of someone who is personal and in touch with all of their workers. Same idea applies here — when you manage your emotions, you are in touch with them. You don’t hide in your office all day, but you face them head on and work out your problems. It makes for a better mental state and helps you sleep at night which is the next point.

#3 — Get Some Rest

We are living in a world of unrest. People are working long hours and staying up early into the morning blowing off steam from work as well. If you really want to take a step towards a healthier mind you need to forget these extra curricular activities and go to bed every once in awhile.

Sleep helps you recharge the batteries, keeps you fresh for the next day and it alleviates anything you were worried about the night before. There’s something about waking up to a new day that resets the inner workings of your mind.

In Conclusion

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Opinions expressed by Community contributors do not reflect the opinions of Thrive Global or its employees.