4 Essential Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Tap into the frequencies of wealth.

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How to develop an abundance mindset and create shifts that bring you wealth when it feels difficult? Any abundance results from developing the abundance mindset. Abundance takes different forms. It flows into your life as the abundance of love, appreciation, success, and money.

Even though the universe would love to provide you everything that you want, and way much more, if you don’t allow it, it cannot come.

It makes sense. Yet, it took me years before I understood how to create the abundance mindset. I knew that there is enough of abundance. But recognizing this fact and having the vibration of abundance are two different things.

If your mind doesn’t vibrate at the frequencies of abundance, then it vibrates at the frequencies of lack.

The mindset of lack means that you go and spend your money on another T-shirt that you don’t need. Or, you think that another relationship could fill in the void inside of you. Or, you believe that your opinion isn’t so important, so you ask others for approval.

With the mindset of lack, you feel like you continuously miss something in your life. You feel incomplete, insecure, and not enough.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Sometimes it isn’t so easy to see all the tricky ways how the lack mindset of wants to keep us from having the life we want.

A few years ago, I didn’t know how the abundance feels like. I understood it logically. Yet I didn’t embody it in my life so without realizing I was sabotaging myself in a big way.

How to develop the abundance mindset?

  1. Spot your mindset of lack. Think about the area of your life that makes you feel unhappy or troublesome. Look at this area as if you would be an unbiased observer. How would you describe your situation if it would be happening to someone you don’t know? How would that person keep themselves from creating the life they desire? Can you see the correlations between your thoughts and what you experience?
  2. Examine your core beliefs. Ask yourself whether you believe that you deserve financial abundance. Do you deserve to be wealthy? Do you deserve to have an exciting job where you can make a difference? Do you believe that you deserve to be loved? If you’ve answered no then you’re stuck in the lack mindset. You have to permit yourself to be happy and deserve the lifestyle, love, and the abundance you want.
  3. Tap into the frequencies of abundance. Once you’re clear on how the mindset of lack keeps you stuck. And you gave yourself the permission to deserve what you really want. You have to tap into the abundance frequencies. Ask yourself; What would you do differently if you would have an infinite amount of money? Write all your answers down. When I asked this question myself many years ago, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t buy any new clothes or things that I really don’t need. You might be wondering now it this sounds counter-intuitive. It doesn’t. Because if you immediately spend the money you’ve received, you act out of lack. You think that you’re lacking something and the new purchase will make you more valuable or complete. Imagine that you’re a multi-millionaire, would you really worry whether you wear a T-shirt and flip-flops? Probably not. You wouldn’t worry because you’d know that you can buy anything you want whenever you wish. The financial anxiety would ease immediately. This reminds me my favorite quote of the Course in Miracles that goes something like this: Those who are certain of outcome can afford to wait. It reminds us that we hurry into decisions when we’re afraid that we cannot have what we wish. Thus, it feels like waiting any longer would make the object of our desire to disappear.
  4. Repeat the abundance frequencies until you own them completely. Once you write your answer to what would you do if you would have unlimited wealth, re-read your answers and feel into them. Visualize them. This is precisely the abundance frequency that you want to embody fully. This abundance mindset that you’ve just created will attract to you the abundance. Read it and feel into it every evening before going to sleep and you subconsciousness will do the rest while you’re sleeping. For even better results, repeat this exercise first thing after you wake up.

You can use the same method to create any other form of abundance that you want.

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Originally published at sylviasalow.com on January 14, 2016.