4 Helpful Tips For Staying Mindful When Plans Change

No one knows if changes are good or bad.

A new project can seem terrible at first, change into the best learning experience of your life, then turn into a jail you cannot escape.

Maybe you’re bored in a career, get a new job, then laid off months later. You start a new business while out of work. The business fails however the experience from the venture helps you get an offer for a position more aligned with your interests.

People experience conflict when faced with change, even when definite predictions are not possible.

The right direction can seem clear to one person but not to others. When you feel the right direction for a plan is obvious, debating with others can feel like a waste of time. Energy draining discussions with people focused on proving themselves right are frustrating.

Mindfulness, paying precise, nonjudgmental attention to the details of our experience as it arises and subsides, doesn’t reject anything. Instead of struggling to get away from experiences we find difficult, we practice being able to be with them.


  1. Meditate: Put space between you and the event. Pause to take a moment and pay attention to how you feel
  2. Pay attention to the source: Bias may exist when information is presented or withheld
  3. Wait: Sometimes the best action is to do nothing instead of quickly reacting
  4. Record and review: Take notes. Use lessons learned instead of reinventing the wheel

Benefits of staying mindful:

  • You won’t quickly make changes when others don’t agree with your plans
  • You’ll experience less stress over the fear of the unknown
  • Your patience and communication skills will improve from evaluating situations

Mindful people have trained themselves to think differently. Change is happening for them; not to them. We can use this practice during shifts to uncover layers of uncertainty and reveal opportunities.

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Originally published at www.citybornsouthernliving.com on July 4, 2018.