4 Life-Altering Lessons I Learned in 2017

The invaluable lessons and transformational moments that awakened me and altered my world in 2017.

It is hard to believe that it is December already. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2017. Honestly, I can say that it has been an incredible year for me. In fact, I would venture out to say that it has been a record breaking year filled with victories, big moments and extraordinary transformation. I hope you are looking back on 2017 with excitement and not regret. We only have a few more weeks left in this year. However, every moment counts and we must live consciously. Make a decision that you are going to finish 2017 strong. Stay focused, fight for your vision and decide that failure is not an option for you. Here are a few of my biggest lessons of 2017.

  1. You have to stop resuscitating things that need to die in your life. I could literally write a book on this one lesson alone. This year brought incredible new opportunities in my business. On the other hand, 2017 also brought disappointment and loss in my business. I was on track to finish a big contract and launch into an exciting new market. However, just as things were about to be finalized, I got a devastating call and the deal fell apart. It was disappointing for me but it was also a great teaching moment. I discovered through that experience that you have to stop trying to speak life to things that need to die in your life. You cannot breathe into things that do not belong in your life. What is not meant to be will not manifest. It is a humbling lesson but it will save you a lifetime of heartache and pain. You cannot make a piece fit that is not part of your prophetic destiny.
  2. You have to be willing to embrace growing pains. 2017 has been a phenomenal year for me. I do not have time to begin to speak about all the incredible doors that have opened and all the new opportunities that have emerged. At the same time, 2017 was a year where the growing pains were intense in my life. This year I ventured out into a lot of new territories. While change can be scary, I am thankful because incredible new relationships have entered my life. Growth is a painful process and not many people want to admit that. I had to stop holding on to the idea that things would change and people would change. This year I came to the conclusion that some people are good but they are not good for me. You cannot build your life with wrong material and expect to have a strong foundation. One of the most important truths you will ever discover is that some things have to go in order for you to grow. The comfort of familiarity must be broken if you are to ever develop the courage to manifest your uncommon future. Comfort is the enemy of conquering. Stop choosing the easy path and make the decision that you are going to create an exceptional life.
  3. Be willing to contend for a new chapter in your life. One of the surest ways to lose is laziness. I talk to people everyday that talk about a better life but never create it. I am not saying that it is wrong to talk about changing your life. On the other hand, it is wrong to paint a picture of a life that you are unwilling to pursue. One of the things I have discovered about change is that it is uncomfortable. In addition, change requires contending. Everybody wants to be the champion but nobody wants to contend for the championship. 2017 was a year that I had to learn how to contend. What do I mean by contending? Contending is having the bravery to break through barriers, persist in the face of impossibility and bulldozer through every opposition to breakthrough. I faced so much opposition in 2017 that it was almost overwhelming. However, I had a decision to make in the midst of my opposition. Either I was going to fight for victory or fail and become a victim to the circumstances in my life. Thankfully, I chose to fight for victory in my life. You will never know how far you can go if you are not willing to fight.
  4. Learn to love yourself unconditionally. I wish I could share all of the lessons that I learned this year. However, I wanted to focus on the lessons that I found to be the most important. When you experience so much disappointment it becomes easy to blame yourself. You start thinking of what you did wrong, why you might have deserved this and how you might be reaping something that you unknowingly sowed. I know it sounds foolish but we all have those moments. I had one of those moments this year. I could not understand why things were not coming together. It seemed like things were falling apart all around me and I was frustrated. It was not until October of this year that I finally had a powerful moment of awareness. I discovered that a lot of doors were being shut in my life because I was being birthed into something new. Old ways will never open new doors. Some things had to leave my life in order for the right things to live in my life. You have to come to a point where you stop seeing yourself through the lens of people that never discerned your worth. Also, you have to get established in the truth that your value does not change based on the inability of others to recognize it. In other words, you have to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Stop tolerating disrespect and dishonor in your life. Realize that you are a valuable treasure. You owe it to yourself to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. Anything or anybody that infringes on your liberty must leave your life. When you love yourself you will start putting yourself first. You will stop second guessing yourself and start living out your significance in the world.
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