4 Tips On How To Be Your Best Self At Holiday Parties, With Alexa Fischer From NCIS And JAG

I had the pleasure to interview Alexa Fischer. In years past, you might have seen her on shows like NCIS, Lie To Me, Numb3rs and Bones, or scores of television commercials. As a speaker and coach, she’s worked with CEOs and everyday people, small nonprofits and complex global corporations. Her expertise — her mission — centers on how to create real change from within — whether for an individual, a team, or an organization. She teaches executives, teams, and companies of all sizes how to connect more fully to themselves and each other. From Trader Joe’s and SONY, to Dress For Success and the National Charity League, to an appearance on The Today Show — she’s empowered thousands of individuals and teams to land new clients, focus their vision and articulate their goals, engage more meaningfully with customers, and communicate better with each other.

Small talk is a real pain point for some folks, and current events aren’t exactly a “safe” topic at the moment. Alexa Fischer, a former actress and speaking and confidence coach, shares the following four tips on how to be your best self at holiday parties this year.

  1. Scan the room: Don’t make a beeline for the bar! When you scan the room first, you have the opportunity to decide who you want to talk to.

2. Find common ground: Use open-ended icebreakers like “What brings you here tonight?” or “How do you know the host?” and avoid negative ones like “I hate parties like this, don’t you?”

3. Not-So-Awkward Silence: Combat awkward silence by introducing someone new into the conversation, they probably have something great to bring to it!

4. Exit Strategy: Don’t want to talk to someone anymore? Good news, you don’t have to! All you have to say is, “Great to meet you, enjoy the rest of your evening!”

These tips can be used at work parties or with friends.

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