Intentional Living

4 Ways to Fulfill the Promises You Make to You.

Fulfilled promises to you are on the horizon.

Intentional living is the act of being deliberate and purposeful about life. This is the very challenge many of my clients are faced with daily that in turn holds them back from achieving goals. Whether in their business, career or love life men and women, regardless of generation, must come to this realization. What I find common is that most confuse being intentional with having intent and this becomes the root of their lack of motivation and effort to fulfill promises to themselves.

Having intent means to have an aim, goal or plan, which is a major step in becoming intentional, but in no way satisfies the act of following through. Before we get into just how you can manifest intentional living let’s first address the elephant in the room.

Many are too quick to fall short on the promises made to self at the expense of following through on promises made to others. Why is that, you might ask. Well, though you have thoughts, dreams and aspirations accumulating in your mind for your future, the present is knocking at your door. And in the present you have a boss that’s requiring a project completion, a husband that needs dinner prepared, a child that has a game to attend and so on and so forth. Because you do not want to disappoint anyone you deliver on all accounts except one… your life project.

Imagine what would happen if you make your promises to self just as important as the promises you make to others. What if you cared more about letting down yourself? What if you became intentional about living out the promises you make to self? What if?

To live intentionally you must at minimum implement the following:

1) Know your promise(s) — spend time with you to learn the desires of your heart. Ensure that those desires align with your passion and your purpose.

2) Commit to your promise(s) — make your promises to self just as, if not more, important as your promises to others.

3) Plan your promise(s) — craft a detailed plan of approach to achieve promises to self. Identify the milestones on your journey toward self-promise fulfillment. Include timelines so that you can measure your success.

4) Act on your promise(s) — put your plan into consistent action. Get an accountability partner or coach to keep you on track. When you grow tired or frustrated rest but don’t quit until you make your dreams a reality.

Implementing these steps as rituals will return favor toward your promises to self and create a life filled with intentional manifestations.

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