5 Essential Ways to Get Your Inner Power Back

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Get your inner power back because you are the main hero of your life. The life is a play and we co-create with others the story of our lives. What kind of story do you want to tell your kids, parents, husbands, wives, and most importantly to yourself? Do you want to play a drama or an adventures uplifting story?

We all have preconditions for us to become heroes of our lives. The story that we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of determines what kind of momentum we create. We send the energy to situations to which we pay attention to. If we think about ourselves as powerless and unimportant, we create different life story than if we would see our greatness and power.

Get your inner power back

  1. When something happens, what kind of definitions do you give it?What meaning do you give to seemingly unpleasant situations? When we define some situation as uneasy, even if there was a positive side attached to it (hint: there always is!), we cannot see it. We can only see what we allow ourselves to see. And what we see, we experience. If we evaluate any situation as unwanted, we begin negative momentum. Thus, there will be more of negative synchronicity. How we define anything is, what the life reflects us back. The same is true for any relationship because other people are your mirrors.
  2. Give yourself fully. Always. When we hold ourselves back, we can never get 100% from the life back. This is the easiest way how to feel powerless. Each time, we don’t allow ourselves to fully give 100%, we unknowingly, deprive others from our gifts. It’s a form of a punishment, indeed. We become to feel so rejected over time that we shut down and unwittingly punish others for allowing them to restrict our natural self. We tell ourselves lies about how it doesn’t matter anymore. But, if it wouldn’t matter, why would you be here on this planet in the first place? And if it feels like it’s too late to change the course of our lives then when the time will come? If we allow ourselves to be 100% in each situation, we will generate much more energy and the life will support us and our dreams without exceptions.
  3. Concentrate on yourself. There are things that we can control and which we cannot. Sometimes, instead of helping ourselves, we put attention on others. We want them to change and thus control them. However, this is the fastest way how to become depressed and feel powerless. The only thing that we can decide about is how we respond to situations and how we choose to feel about them. All this neediness to change others is a deep call to change ourselves. To change how we feel about ourselves. The call to love ourselves. Therefore, life transforming is to give all the attention and love to ourselves. To admit what we want and to work on our dreams. Redefine the negative meanings we put to situations. And change the way we perceive ourselves.
  4. Align your thoughts and emotions with your dreams. Become your fan number one. Choose intentionally to become anyone you’ve ever wanted to become. Bad thoughts and emotions inform us that there is a negative (false) belief attached to our dream. When you feel or think bad about something that you want, it doesn’t mean to give up but rather to find this belief and redefine it. Be in charge of your dreams and change any thought that limits you.
  5. Become your superhero. I’m not kidding you. Anyone can become a superhero of own life. Superheros in mythology represent archetypes that anyone can choose. From deeper perspective, anyone who has ever fought own demons and became the best version of himself, set an energetic imprint to global consciousness grid. This allows anyone to tune into this energy and attract it to own life. There have always been people who opened new doorways to others through living up to their potential so we can choose to do the same. If you could be a hero in your life story, imagine what kind of qualities you’d like to posses. How would you talk with others? What would you do with your time? How would you like to express your greatness? What kind of positive traits you would like to show and thus naturally teach others?

You can live this life as if nothing is magic, or anything is magic. The choice is yours.

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Originally published at sylviasalow.com on January 29, 2016.