5 Female Sexual Problems that You Can’t Fix with a Pill

The pharmaceutical industry would love to find a pill for women’s sexual problems that rivals the success of Viagra.

The likelihood that a pill could help a woman have an orgasm or develop a stronger drive is slim to none. Why? Because when it comes to sex, women tend to put more of their feelings into the experience. Let’s start there, then, with five sexual disorders a pill can never fix for women:

  1. Trust. Opening up one’s feelings during sex means trusting one’s partner. This is a human emotion that no pill can create.
  2. Lack of sexual interest. Women do sometimes have hormonal issues that spoil their sex drive. But those instances are rare. More often, a lack of interest in sex means a lack of zest in one’s relationship, in and out of the bedroom. Try making a pill for that!
  3. Communication about sex. Sexual wants and needs do not travel through the air into the mind of one’s partner. So far, no one has created a medication that can help.
  4. Having an orgasm. If a woman has never experienced an orgasm, a pill isn’t going to help. True, some substances may enhance arousal and orgasm. But a substance isn’t going to teach a woman to understand how her body works and what stimulation it responds to.
  5. Admitting to liking sex. Lots of women don’t allow themselves to like sex or, if they do, to admit it. It’s just too embarrassing! Something to be worked on, because it’s hard to enjoy something if you can’t admit you like it. And something no pill could ever change.

If a pill can’t help, then what? Talking with one’s partner, a trusted friend, or one’s physician can be a good place to start. If information and suggestions aren’t enough, then consider contacting a sex therapist who can help you sort things out and make sex enjoyable.

Originally published at thebuehlerinstitute.com on September 21, 2016.

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