5 Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Married Life

Focus on winning hearts instead of winning arguments.

Don’t you miss the butterflies in your stomach from the early days of your married life? The long romantic drives and feeling the love around you so strongly? Seeing young love might remind you of your first days together with your spouse but you need to remind yourself that you’re not too old for anything yet, no matter what your age is. You are aware of what your spouse likes, dislikes, their eating, sleeping, relaxing habits which is why everything becomes so monotonous after a while. I’ve been married to my beautiful for 2 years not and I strongly agree that every married couple needs a boost in their relationship from time to time.

Here are a few things you can work on to revitalize the relationship with your spouse:

1. It’s NOT Right to be Always Right

We all love to prove our point and win the argument form our spouse but often forget that in doing so, all the love is lost. You might win the argument but end up hurting your spouse. Focus on winning hearts rather arguments. You need to remember that arguing solely to prove your point is not worth all that is lost in between. Instead, try and ask questions if its something important and let go if its not. Staying calm during an argument and resisting the urge to prove the other wrong is one of the best things you could do.

2. Recall the Good Things

Its easy to find reasons to not love someone when you’re years into your married life. But its important to not do so. You need to remember what made you fall in love in the first place. They say when you feel like quitting, think of why you started. Recalling that time will help you to appreciate how far you’ve come together. You could even go to the place where you first met, or where you studied or worked together to relive the moments.

3. Materialism Works

If you think that its all about being true to each other and that material things don’t really make a difference, that’s where you’re wrong. You don’t always need to buy an expensive watch as a birthday gift for your husband or a diamond bracelet for your wife, but getting each other small things like a coffee mug or a lipstick or treating your spouse for a fancy dinner can make a huge difference.

4. Go for an Unusual Activity

Whether its taking a Zumba class together, going for a trip in the hilly areas, or cooking together, try and keep the energy alive in your relationship. Think of something you and your spouse had always wanted to do but were too shy to do so. You need to remember that you found each other interesting in the beginning because everything you did was new to both of you. By doing something unusual, you get to learn new things not only about yourself but your partner too.

5. Appreciate Each Other

Learn the art of appreciation. Admire them when they dress up, cook something for you or take you out for lunch. Be thankful and express your love in unusual ways. Getting a rose or a card that says “Thank you for being there” can do wonders. Again, you need not purchase expensive items to bring a smile on their face, but only need to remember that small things matter.

Alongside everything else, you need to bring a change in yourself to make all these things work and strengthen your relationship with your spouse.