5 Tips for Staying on Top of the News Without Losing Your Mind

Stay informed mindfully with techniques informed by the Ayurveda lifestyle.

With everything going on in the world right now, keeping on top of current events feels more important than ever. The issue is that attempting to keep up with the news today can make you feel a bit crazy between false claims, conflicting opinions, and frankly just a lot of negativity that is hard to stay above. To help ensure you can stay educated but keep your sanity, try the five tips below to help you stay informed mindfully which are derived from the Ayurveda lifestyle and dinacharya, or daily routine.

  1. Don’t Look at Your Phone, Computer or TV First Thing in the Morning
    When we wake up and instantly start digesting information, we give ourselves no time to transition into our day. As how you ease into your day is key to setting the pace for the rest of it, try to put 30 minutes to an hour between when you wake up and when you first look at your devices. Some ideas are to have your coffee, tea or warm water with lemon and just sit quietly; meditate; go for a walk or to the gym; or just go straight to the shower. By letting yourself transition into the day you will be more equipped to take in the information at hand when you get to it.
  2. Minimize Your Time on Social Media
    Social media is full news and opinions these days more so than cats, kids, and food. As the information can get unruly, try to spend less time on social sites. If you are typically on every hour, try to pair back to twice a day or take your most visited sites off one of your devices so you are not as tempted to constantly check. You will probably end up liking your friends more too!
  3. Prioritize Where You Get Your News
    As one of the key issues is if the news we are reading is real or fake, pick two to three publications you know and trust, subscribe to them and commit time each day to reading, watching or listening to those headlines and articles instead of the barrage of other publications and articles that may show up in your email or news feed. This way you are prioritizing quality over quantity and will have more room for the information you receive.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Block the Negativity
    The beauty of social media is you can block people from showing up on your pages if you don’t like what they are saying and they will never know. Don’t be afraid to block yourself from content that isn’t serving you.
  5. Put Some Time Between the News and Bed
    Winding down before bed is just as important as easing into your day. Stop looking at your phone, computer, and TV 30 minutes to an hour before bed and set up a wind-down routine that lets your body know that sleep is coming. Read a book; a feature story you have been saving; take a long bath; journal; make a gratitude list for the day; or my personal favorite: massage your feet and temples with almond oil infused with lavender essential oil to ground yourself for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Originally published at www.wellbeings.co on February 6, 2017.