5 Tips on Being Prepared for Success

It’s easier to welcome opportunities when you are prepared

I recently had the good fortune of attending an event for high-performing entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. During the event, I came across an inspiring message about what it really takes to achieve success.

One profound message that resonated for me is related to mindset. It is simple, yet can be a game-changer. The message is this…You must expect and be prepared to win.

It is clear and to the point. This really got me thinking about all the pieces that have to be in place in one’s business and/or career to truly embody this belief wholeheartedly.

What really stood out for me is the part about being prepared, and not just being ready.

I believe that we must always be awake to our good the possibilities that can come our way in an instant when we are aware of, and are open to opportunities.

Being prepared is key. As comedian Kevin Hart once said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, “I have been preparing to be an overnight sensation for the past ten years”. This was in reference to his big break. He did not leave his success to chance. He prepared for ten years to take advantage of that one big opportunity that changed everything.

This also reminds me of one of Oprah’s sage advice about “luck”. She notes… “I believe that luck is preparation meeting opportunity”. Absolutely! I totally agree.

So what are the key pieces to have in place so you can be prepared to achieve success? Here are five points to keep in mind. Of course there are more, however I am including the foundational pieces, which I have personally used with great results:

The first points is to know your vision and mission. When you are clear on this and connected to it, your objectives and goals will follow. Then you can conduct your daily work, presentations, events and networking with purpose, intent and confidence.

The second point is if you are an entrepreneur and business owner, know your message and believe in the strength of your service and brand. Sometimes you really do just get 30 seconds so a well-rehearsed message is essential. And remember to communicate your message in a clear, concise and jargon-free way.

Additionally, keep in mind that you are the number one brand ambassador of your business. That is, you are your business.

The third point is to come from a place and mindset of service first. This is an underestimated and underutilized strategy. You will have the opportunity to create a “win-win” situation when you authentically come from a place of wanting to help and be of service to someone else. It is amazing what results can transpire when you ask “how can I help you move forward?”

The mindset of being of service enables you to truly make a difference and impact in the lives of others. As I note in my writings and teachings, “your contributions to others as a result of your entrepreneurial activities will not only allow you to change lives it will in turn deeply enrich your life — as well as your bottom line — beyond your wildest dreams”

The fourth point is to “know your ask” and be prepared to say it when someone wants to reciprocate your generosity and support you and your mission. By giving voice to what you need, whether it is an introduction to a network, a new contact, a connection to a potential investor or partner, etc. can become a reality when you take advantage of the opportunity when it is presented to you.

The fifth point is to nurture connections and relationships. Get in the habit of always following up after a meeting or event with whom you wish to cultivate a connection with.

Staying connected and developing a good relationship will assist you as you move forward in your business and career. These connections can lead to solid business relationships, collaborations, joint ventures, partnerships, and more for many years to come.

So dear reader, what about you, what one specific action do you need to take and put in place to expect success and be prepared to win on your ownterms?

Originally published at powerwithsoul.com on January 31, 2016.