5 Tips to (Almost) Guarantee You a Date by Valentine’s Day

By: Talia Goldstein, CEO of Three Day Rule

Valentine’s Day is around the corner — a hallmark holiday not quite anticipated or celebrated by singles nationwide. But this year, Three Day Rule, a tech-enabled, white-glove matchmaking service with 50 matchmakers across the country, is empowering singles to take control of their dating life. If you take our advice to heart, we think it can help you score a date by February 14.

Three Day Rule has partnered with Amazon’s Alexa to give millions of singles the tips and tough love they need — on demand. We’ve noticed that even the smallest changes — in attitude or strategy — can make a big difference when it comes to how (and who!) you are dating. Through our new Alexa skill, we’ll be offering a new tip, trick, or strategy every day for the next 30 days, starting January 14, 2018. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can get started by simply saying, “Alexa, enable ‘Get a Valentine in 30 Days’ skill”. All you have to do is download the skill and start receiving your free dating tips.

So, whether you’re looking for someone to share dinner with on February 14, or just looking to get back on the horse as you gear up in 2018, we’ve got your back.

Here are 5 tips to (almost) guarantee you a date by Valentine’s Day:

  1. Lose One Deal Breaker

Do you have a checklist of things you are looking for in a partner? Pick one preference you wouldn’t usually budge on. This month, do yourself a favor and lose that preference. Maybe it’s your future partner’s education, height, age, ethnicity, or religion. Open your mind to a different type for the rest of this month, and watch your dating pool grow ten-fold. A little compromising often yields a big reward.

2. Talk to a Stranger

Ah, the lost art of conversation. Strike one up with someone you’ve never laid eyes on before — or maybe the cutie you’ve been eyeing in the Starbucks line in your office building for weeks. Remember what it was like to actually interact with another human? Before the days of swiping and social media? Most of us are out of practice, so take the time to do this — especially if it’s out of your comfort zone. We promise it will help your dating game, if it doesn’t straight-up yield you a date.

3. Give it a Second Chance

Let’s face it. First dates are hard, and nobody is their best self. You’re literally sitting across the table from a stranger, trying to impress and gauge each other. Often times you won’t see someone’s true personality for a couple of dates — allow them some time to let their guard down, and vice versa. Give someone a chance to grow on you. Unless the first date is completely awful, give everyone a second chance this month. You are looking for lasting love, right? So, stop looking for the best first date of your life. After your next date, ask yourself 2 questions. #1. Do I find them remotely attractive? #2. Are they kind? If you answer “yes” to both, then go for date 2.

4. Bring your “A” Game

Ace your first date to get you a second date — that’ll make your Valentine’s Day even more remarkable. A few pointers can seal the deal. Be nice to the waiter — we hear this one all the time. Your date is judging you on how you treat others, and this is the easiest way to evaluate. Dress in what you feel best in- don’t worry so much about what’s trendy, what’s cool, or what’s new. Wear your old faithful outfit — something you walk into a room feeling truly confident in. Leave the resume at home — we think it’s great that you love your job, but you can leave the career-chatter at that. Talk about things that you love to do outside of the office to prevent making this feel less like a romantic date and more like an interview.

5. Refresh Your Photos

Behold — the power of the photo. Humans are very visual creatures, for better or for worse. Is your dating profile filled with selfies? Just face shots? Groups of friends so matches can’t tell which one is actually you? It’s definitely time to up your photo game — and the right kind of photos are key. Ditch the selfies, add a flattering full-body shot, and make sure your potential suitors can tell which one is you. Ask a friend of the opposite sex for a second opinion. Remember that you want to attract people who will find you attractive, so make sure your photos are great, but also representative.

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