5 Vital Footsteps To Find Inner Freedom

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How to find inner freedom when you feel stuck and restricted? Finding inner freedom and peace has always been one of the essential objectives of my life. There are just about godzillion reasons why we don’t feel free.

It’s the politic and economic systems that make us feel restricted. It’s the family that has never understood us. Or the friends who seem to be happier when we’re unhappy. There are many freedom thieves!

But that’s the challenge we all have to face — do we allow outside circumstances to control how we feel?

At some point, we need to ask ourselves this question if we want to be happy (most of the time).

When you know how to be free yourself up, you live your life with the sense of purpose and fulfillment. You feel like you count and your life matter. You feel worthy and in the flow.

Freedom is the state in which we do and say exactly what we want.

We stop caring about the circumstances or what others think or want from us.

Thus, we stop responding to the outer impulses and choose the actions that we feel excited about instead.

There is a common belief that in order to be free, we need to have a certain amount of money in a bank account. We need other’s approval or different policy in our country. You name it. Although it makes sense, it’s not true though. You can always choose the way you feel and break free from your patterns.

Being free only takes a change of perception. Which is both simple and extremely challenging at the same time.

5 Vital footsteps to find inner freedom

  1. Stop reacting to circumstances. For instance, when our other half is not in a good mood. We usually tend to get influenced by his or her behavior and then we feel just as bad as they do. However, each time we let ourselves to get affected by external circumstances, we lose our freedom. We start to react instead of creating choices we really want. One small adverse effect after another and we feel powerless, limited and not free. What if you ‘re going to stay in a good mood and not solve his or her problems at the moment. What if you want to meet a friend, go for a walk or to a gym instead? You don’t have to say anything. By not responding in a usual manner, you create an opportunity for him or her to change as well. If you both feel miserable, you’ll only enhance the negative pattern.
  2. Ask yourself what you really want. Create the space for something new. Whenever there is a situation in which you usually act on autopilot, stop for a while, and think again if you want to respond as always. Like with the moody partner, do you want to feel miserable as well? Do you really have to always care at the expense of yourself? Do you really have to take things personally or try to save someone? Maybe, you instead want to feel great and do something fun instead. Even, alone. It’s fine. He will survive it, and you both will feel better at the end.
  3. Take the responsibility. You are in charge of your life. Don’t blame anyone else. You can make your dreams come true. You decide how you will feel by acting as you really want not as you should. Be there for you. Always. And allow yourself to do what you came here to do. Now is the time.
  4. Stop worrying about others. You are not here to be responsible for everyone’s else choices. You don’t have to think about why some did what he or she did. Keep in mind that everyone is doing just fine. Others have reasons for their behavior, and you don’t have to change a single thing about it. Never. No matter, if they’re your parents, siblings, our spouses. Wouldn’t it be fantastic stop caring about others decisions? If they want your help, they will surely let you know. If not, you in the name of help, are making them powerless. There is nothing saint about it. It’s exhausting you and preventing them from lessons they are here to learn.
  5. Lose yourself in the present moment. When you don’t care about others (in a negative way), and you choose your behavior and feelings. You are present. Freedom lies in the present moment.You can do, feel, think and say what you want and everything else takes care of its self. You don’t have to ponder about the future outcome or how your behavior appears to others. When you cut off the future or past projections, you are entirely free.

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Originally published at sylviasalow.com on January 26, 2016.