5 ways a morning wellness ritual will help keep your Hashimoto’s at bay

If you’re fatigued, distracted or overwhelmed in the mornings then find out 5 easy things I do to start my day right and keep my energy high all day.

My ritual is all about energy and intention…
Whether I’m working from home, heading to the office or meeting up with friends, I still need to get up, get dressed and get myself ready every morning… just like you.

So instead of hitting the snooze button, chugging on the coffee or calling in sick, I found a way to make my mornings about more than just ‘getting ready’.

Nowadays, getting ready is part of the goal, though I go about it with a different intention.

I focus on doing things purposefully that will not only achieve my goal, but bring a sense of energy and enjoyment to the process.

Yeh, I know that all sounds a bit ‘new age’ and maybe even a little bit ‘wanky’… but hey, it works for me and it could work for you too, if you’re willing to give it a go.

Take a look at the top five things I do each morning that help set me up for a healthy and happy day…

1. Take time to wake up and set a good intention. These days, once my alarm goes off (though I’m usually awake before it!) I lay in bed for 10–15 minutes. I stretch, think about how my body is feeling, whether or not I feel rested and what that might mean for the day ahead. Thinking about my day I then set a positive intention for the day to go well and I practice some gratitude for the fact that I’ve been privileged enough to wake up healthy that day. I also get lots of happy cuddles from my fur-baby who has somehow found her way into my bed!

2. I eat breakfast within 45 minutes of rising. This habit took me ages to develop… I had to undo 18 years of waiting-at-least-30-minutes-to-eat-after-taking-thyroxine. Now, I should note here that I’m no longer on thyroxine (that’s a whole other story and you should only stop or alter your medication in consultation with your relevant health care professional)… so it’s a bit easier to eat in this timeframe. But the reason I eat within 45 minutes is because it’s really good for my adrenal health and it really helps kickstart my metabolism! But when I eat is just as important as WHAT I eat.

3. I eat a protein rich breakfast. Although I’d LOVE to eat, and whole heartedly enjoy a big bowl of cereal, or some thick sourdough toast smothered in butter for breakfast… I generally eat some kind of smoothie and a couple of breakfast meatballs (usually turkey or chicken that I’ve pre-cooked and frozen). Now, I eat the meatballs separately because I can’t tolerate protein powders (see my post on sulphites) but I find a smoothie is the quickest and easiest way to get a good-fat-and-carbohydrate hit in the morning. So, I guess the thing here is that I’m thinking more about the energy I need for the day, rather than just 30 seconds in the mouth of pure enjoyment!!

4. I take a short walk. I take my fur-baby for a short 15 minute walk. So, of course it helps that I have a dog who needs to go outside first thing, but even when I’ve been on holidays or away on business, I still take my morning walk. Walking has so many great health benefits, but I like it because it helps get my lymphatic system going (which is great for the thyroid) and it really helps to clear and calm my mind for the day ahead. I consider it my walking meditation time and this morning walk has, over the years made me realise that meditation can come in any form and it’s not always about sitting on a cushion saying ‘om’.

5. I wait an hour to have a coffee. I used to gulp down a shot (or two) of espresso coffee before I’d even jump in the shower! And I’ve also had periods of time where I was a coffee-free zone in an effort to calm my adrenals. These days, I’ve found a very happy coffee-balance in my life… I wait an hour for my food to have digested, but also its enough time for my digestive tract to start working properly and this reduces the chances of stomach acid (which was an ongoing problem for me for decades!) and I only drink 1, okay sometimes 2, each morning… instead of 3 or 4 double shots!! It’s all about keeping my adrenals happy and reducing stomach acid.

That anyone can do…
These are not really earth-shattering ideas, but they did take some time, thought and practice to implement!

And let’s face it… if I can go from a hit-the-snooze-too-much-and-drink-double-shot-espressos to a take-my-time-and-walk-and-eat-breakfast kind of girl — then anyone can!

And before you go thinking I’ve got it easy and plenty of time in the mornings because I’m an entrepreneur who works from home… well I’ll let you in on a little secret: I had implemented most of this morning wellness ritual long before I left the Police Force and I managed to achieve it while doing shift work: even on 6am starts!

So, what are you waiting for?

Try one thing to change your routine into a wellness ritual and see if you don’t feel more energised and happier throughout the day.

Go on… I dare you 🙂

Originally published at kisshashimotosgoodbye.com.au on May 1, 2016.