5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Fresh and Alert While at Work

The Connection Between Being Alert and Cash Flow

With the entire world at our fingertips, and careers waiting to be expanded, it can be difficult to remember that we are not always capable of taking on every task we wish at once. Our minds need breaks, our bodies need movement, and a healthy meal doesn’t seem to hurt either.

This is a concept Umar Ashraf learned the hard way.

When Umar was 18 years old, still in High School, he had amassed a saving’s account of over $20,000 from buying and reselling iPhones on Craigslist. Knowing he could not do this for the rest of his life, he set his sights upon the stock market — a rapidly growing business gathering the attention of those young and old across the country.

The appeal of making a quick profit immediately convinced Umar to invest his savings into various stocks, although he had no previous knowledge in the industry. However, Umar ended as one of the lucky few who saw their investment pay off on their first try in the business, increasing his $20,000 to over $33,000.

The exhilaration Umar felt was enough of an encouragement to continue investing. But it did not work out the second time around. Umar’s investments dwindled his account to under $2,000 over the next few months, forcing Umar to take a step back from the market.

So, Umar focused on gathering as much information and knowledge on the subject before returning. While he spent his time attached to his computer screen, Umar knew it was not entirely healthy. So, he focused on maintaining these 5 things throughout his struggle to the top of the stock market, to ensure he was putting his best foot forward through the entire journey.


“With so much going on throughout the day as a trader, we need our mind to perform at a 100% level, and one of the best ways to do that is to meditate every morning for 15 minutes” Umar suggests. Meditation can increase your focus, and allows you to handle more pressure. By finding the time try to meditate every morning after taking a shower, as Umar does, or even before bed, making sure to do so at least once during the day, lets your mind turn off and focus.

Umar has seen a huge benefit from doing this. While it can be very difficult at first to meditate, what with distractions such as our phones, TV’s, kids, pets, the list is endless, once you actually get started it becomes very easy.

Stay Active During Work

One of the most dangerous things any person can do, is stay sitting down for a prolonged period of time. “With trading, you’re constantly glued to your computer screen” Umar states. To most people, this means staying seated, which Umar avoids doing.

For Umar, standing at a work desk allows him to perform better. Despite how it may sound, standing while working even allows Umar to get less tired throughout the day. This allows me not to get tired throughout the day. Constantly being on your feet, rather than sitting down keeps you on the go mood at all times. If you are continuously ready to move, you avoid the mental crashes that occur during lull’s in the day. Staying active also allows encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy

“Eating healthy and avoiding carbs is extremely important because carbs end up taking energy away from you” Umar states. Umar tries to make sure he eats a healthy meal every morning, which helps provide him with high energy levels through the first half of the day. By trying to eat little to no carbs, you are consuming more energy driven foods.

Everybody has days that they just rush out of the house, with a bagel in hand and no time to spare. When comparing these days, to the days a person spends time planning out their meal, the difference in energy can be indescribable.

Don’t Let the Mental Crash Catch You

As the day begins to feel long, or you start feeling tired or lazy, a walk outside for 10–15 minutes is extremely beneficial in clearing the mind. “If you feel the mental crash catch up to you, it can be very hard to bounce back from it. However, if you get in the habit of noticing the signs and symptoms leading up to the crash, and anticipate it, it will become easier to handle” Umar explains. “Take a walk, or do a few push ups to get your energy levels back up”.

Find the Time for a Workout

After your first 1–2 hour break in the office, try to get a quick 10 minute workout in. From jumping jacks to running in place, or lifting weights, doing any form of exercise is great for a quick burst of energy.