5 Ways to Lift Your Mood on Blue Monday

Apparently Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. It was given the title for a few reasons. This is the time our credit card bills come in and we realise how much we spent on Christmas. There’s cold wet weather (in the UK anyway) and short days, not much daylight and people begin to feel a bit miserable.

The truth is that Blue Monday was made up! There’s no science or evidence behind it. So you can choose to believe what you want to believe about the day! You really don’t have to let another promo or newsfeed drag you down into doom and gloom.

There are plenty of things in our lives that get us feeling stressed and overwhelmed without responding to media and calendar days too. When I coach my clients we always look to find ways to boost the feel good chemicals. However it’s important that it’s something that fits with your lifestyle (otherwise you just won’t bother doing it).

If you need some help and little direction, then here’s 5 easy ways to lift your mood on Blue Monday …… or on any other day!

Be Grateful

Look for things we can be grateful for. Find small things in your day that you can be nicely pleased about, that you’re thankful for or that are good for you. So when I walk the dog on a cold wet miserable morning, I’m thankful for my warm coat and hat. It can be that simple. We don’t need great big things to be thankful or grateful for, in fact the small every days things are better, easier to notice more frequently.

Make a Little Effort

In the UK it’s Winter. It is a time traditionally for hibernation, but making a little bit of effort to do something for yourself or someone else can really help. Make someone a cup of tea, send a thank-you note, smile at others as you’re out walking can really lift your spirits and increase your feel good chemicals.

Get some Exercise

Before you groan at me and remind me that you can’t afford gym membership (as you’ve just got that credit card bill after Christmas!) I don’t mean spending loads. I incorporate exercise into my dog walk or go to yoga every Monday morning, where I only pay in blocks of 6 sessions, so it’s not a big monetary commitment. There’s loads of classes in church halls and short term commitments that you can think about. Or just go for a walk or run in the streets or local park!

Recognise What You Can Change

There are some things that we really cannot change! Take a moment to recognise what we can change and what we cannot. Can we change the weather or the temperature? No, we can’t. Can we change that credit card bill? Yes! It doesn’t necessarily have to be cleared in one go, or something that is a massive change. Taking control and making little changes is great. It can lift your mood because we get a sense of achievement, balance and control. It’s also great to recognise what is outside our control too and let it go!

Use Affirmations

Negative thoughts can be turned around with the use of positive affirmations. Used on a regular basis these can be incredibly affective. Rather than talking ourselves into the blues we can deliberately do the opposite and create powerful shifts in the way we think and feel. Using positive statements, repeating them often and believing in them (don’t just chant them whilst thinking “this is a load of rubbish”!!). It has a similar effect as when we learnt the times tables, they thoughts and responses become more automatic. You can create your own or get suggestions from the internet, but find or create ones that are suitable for you. Here’s a couple of examples:

I feel bright and positive each and every day
I am strong, confident and successful in my work and my home life.
I can do this!

So you really can lift your mood on Blue Monday. I’d love to know if you use one of these tips or have some of your own. Let me know in the comments.

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