5 Ways to Work with the Law of Attraction

How to direct the spiritual energy of your thoughts to accomplish goals.

By focusing your thoughts on specific desires, you set spiritual energy in motion that can attract those desires to you.

The law of attraction is a spiritual concept that says whatever you choose to think about, you can attract into your life. By focusing your thoughts on specific desires — such as for love, money, or good health — you set energy in motion that can help make your dreams come true, as long as those desires align with God’s purposes for you. Here are 5 ways you can work with the law of attraction:

  1. Understand the Power of Your Thoughts:

Your thoughts create the type of reality you experience. Every single decision you make starts out as a thought in your mind. Thoughts become things over time, because they lead to your choices about what to say and do. Those choices then shape the direction of your entire life!

Spiritually, your thoughts project electromagnetic energy when you express them. Everything in the universe vibrates to a certain frequency, and vibrations of the same frequencies naturally attract each other.

So if you think negative thoughts (which vibrate at low frequencies) you’ll attract negative people and circumstances into your life, because their vibrations are compatible to yours. But if you think positive thoughts (which vibrate at high frequencies) you’ll attract positive people and circumstances by sending out positive energy.

2. Focus Your Thoughts on Specific Goals:

The first step in working well with the law of attraction is to seek guidance from God on which specific goals would be best for you to set in whatever aspect of your life concerns you. For instance, if you’re hoping to find a healthy and happy romantic relationship, pray about that, carefully listening to whatever insights you receive in response that can help you learn how to change specific attitudes and behaviors to better reach that goal.

You may not like all of the insights you receive when you open yourself up to divine guidance, because some of the truths that will be revealed may be uncomfortable. For example, if you want to attract more money into your life, you may come face to face with the fact that in order for that to happen, you first have to do some hard work (such as getting out of debt or changing jobs). But keep in mind that whatever guidance you receive from God represents what’s truly best for you — so following that guidance is worthwhile.

One key principle to keep in mind is that the best goals for you are those that reflect the unique person who God has created you to be. What are your interests and talents? When you focus on being yourself and doing what you most enjoy and can do well, you’ll be naturally drawn to set the best goals for your life.

3. Express Your Intentions through Prayer or Meditation:

The next step is to express your goals by praying or meditating about them, inviting God to help you achieve those goals.

Visualize what you want, and ask for that to become part of your reality, according to God’s good purposes for your life. Pray or meditate about your desires regularly. Devote some time every day to visualizing your goals and asking for help achieving them.

4. Don’t Limit the Answer to Only One Outcome:

Expect to receive an answer, but don’t expect just one specific type of outcome. Keep in mind that God’s perspective is unlimited while yours is limited, so by accepting only a certain kind of outcome, you’re shortchanging yourself. Be open to whatever type of blessing God brings about in response to your prayers or meditations about your desire.

Place your faith in God rather than in your thoughts alone. Remember that, while your limited human perspective limits your thoughts to an immediate awareness of only some possibilities, God’s power is unlimited. So God may do something for you that’s unexpected — beyond what you can imagine right now. Wait with peace and excitement for the response. Trust that your answer will come to you at the right time and in the right way.

The law of attraction works when it is in tune with God’s will for you. No matter how much you may want something to happen, if it’s not truly best for you, God may choose not to give it to you and you can’t make it happen. The ultimate power to manifest something you want comes from God — as a gift — in response to how your thoughts open your soul up to receive that gift if God chooses to bless you with it.

5. Do Your Part While God Does His Part:

Expect God to manifest change for the better in your life. He will respond to your intentions with great love, setting changes in motion that will eventually lead to whoever or whatever you want to attract coming into your life, as long as that person or those circumstances are good for you.

While you’re waiting for the full extent of that to happen, do your part to move closer to your goals by taking action every day on whatever will help you achieve what you want. Live your life as if what you desire is already happening in your life, making decisions that reflect a confident belief that your desire is on its way into your life.

So, if you’re hoping to attract a romantic soulmate, make an effort to meet new people. Volunteer for service projects in your community to meet others whose values match your own. Ask your friends to introduce you to anyone they think may be compatible with you.

If you’re trying to attract more wealth into your life, research new job opportunities, get more professional training if you need it, and apply for work that would pay you a higher income than you’re earning now.

If you want to attract better health, live a healthy lifestyle, doing whatever you can to promote good health. Eat nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and manage stress well. Take whatever healing steps you can take to recover from any illness or injury you’re suffering from right now.

Every effort you make while focused on your goals moves your life in the right direction for you to eventually achieve them, if they truly represent what’s best for you. Meanwhile, be encouraged that God is working behind the scenes to support you. God will send positive energy into your life that will open the right doors of opportunity when you knock on them. Thank God on a regular basis as blessings flow into your life!

Whitney Hopler works as Communications Coordinator at George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being and has written for many media organizations, from About.com to the Washington Post. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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