6 Ways to Make Your Beauty Blog an Extra Source of Income

Once your beauty blog is up and running, you can start implementing these monetization strategies to make your beauty blog an extra source of income.


You’ve discovered that you’re passionate about everything beauty, and you’ve already started a blog to share beauty tips and product recommendations with others.

That’s awesome!

Provided you’ve been consistently publishing valuable posts in a unique voice, you should have some loyal readers by now. And if that’s true, then you’re already on your way to becoming one of the most successful beauty bloggers.

Now, even if making money isn’t your primary motive for blogging, it doesn’t hurt to make some extra income from your passion, right? Who knows, you could even make more than enough to eventually become a full-time beauty blogger.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then here are six smart ways to make money from your beauty blog.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make decent income from your beauty blog. Simply register as an affiliate with Amazon or other reputable retailers of beauty products that you’ve tried out and are familiar with. Then recommend those products to your readers by publishing detailed and helpful reviews that covertly encourage them to buy the products.

Each time a reader clicks through your affiliate link and eventually buys the product from the retailer’s website, you earn a commission — usually a frank figure or a percentage of the sale price. Examples of beauty products you can review on your blog include creams, perfumes, makeup kits, and other products you’ve used and can recommend to others.

Nouveau Cheap is a beauty blog that rocks this strategy. Check out the Amazon affiliate banners in its sidebar.

2. Selling ad space

If your blog is already attracting thousands of visits in a day, then it’s a good candidate for ad monetization. Although the norm is to wait for interested advertisers to approach you, a smarter idea is to pitch them with your advert rates and the benefits they stand to gain from advertising on your blog.

Alternatively, you can populate the extra space on your blog with contextual ads, which are served automatically by ad networks like Google Adsense and Media.net. Since these ads are usually in line with your blog’s topic and content, they’ll always attract views and clicks from your readers. And the more of these they attract, the more money you make. So, if you favor contextual ads over directly placed ones, register with an ad network and start making money.

Take a look at the right sidebar on this beauty blog, and you’d see how it’s filled with ads of beauty products.

3. Publishing sponsored posts

Instead of buying ad space, some advertisers prefer to have detailed posts written about their products or services. Such advertisers are always on the lookout for blogs whose audience is their target market.

In your own case, beauty product retailers or service providers will most likely approach you to publish a sponsored post about their products or services. Charging for such posts is another way to make money with your beauty blog.

Virtually all authority fashion blogs make money through this method.

4. Freelance writing

If you’ve been crafting and publishing engaging posts on your blog, then that’s enough proof that you’re a good writer. And you could turn your writing skills into cool cash.

Many individuals and companies out there are looking for good writers for their beauty blogs. And they’ll be willing to hire you to write for them. Because clients generally pay more to hire writers who are experts in a particular field or topic, you’d be better off parading yourself as a beauty writer rather than a generalist.

If you love this idea, simply create a “Hire me” page on your blog, stating that you’re available for hire as a writer on beauty topics. With time, clients will find and hire you.

This beauty blogger has a “Hire Me” page on her blog, where she promotes her beauty writing service.

5. Consulting services

Once your readers start to deem you a beauty expert, they’ll consult you for expert beauty tips, advice, training, and so on.

So, when you start receiving tons of calls and emails from people who want to learn beauty-related stuff from you, then it’s time to start getting paid to answer them. This will deter some people from getting in touch with you, but those who value your knowledge would readily pay to learn from you.

Amanda Gabbard is a beauty blogger who also renders consulting services, which she listed on the “Services” page on her blog.

6. Creating a product

Another smart way to make money from your beauty blog is to create your own product and put it up for sale. This could be a digital product such as an e-book, video, or e-course on topics like make-up artistry, nail beautification, hair beauty, etc. It could also be a physical product such as a natural beauty cream that you personally prepared and can recommend for others.

While the process of creating your own product could be tedious, it’s always a means to passively generate huge profits over the long-term. So, if you have a unique idea plus resources required to create an in-demand beauty product, don’t hesitate to create it.

These strategies are sure to change your beauty blog from a zero-earner to a money-spinner. They’re simple tips but that’s not saying they’re easy.

And if you’re just at the stage of starting your beauty blog, you can snap a free blog from WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

Once your beauty blog is up and running, start churning out quality posts, promoting them and gaining loyal readers. Overtime, you can start implementing these monetization strategies to make your beauty blog an extra source of income.


Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on July 3, 2016.

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