6 Ways to Reconnect to Your Deepest Self

Eiman Al Zaabi
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4 min readMar 21, 2018


Metamorphosis of the Self

Spring is an opportunity for renewal. All around us, new life bursts forth from seeds that have lain dormant in the soil, waiting patiently through the winter. Spring is an ideal time to tend the garden of conscious living. This month, I offer you six strategies for nurturing your own growth by reconnecting to your deepest self.

  1. Acknowledge yourself. Explore your innate nature, your tendencies, and your demeanor. Who are you when you are being your true, best self? To acknowledge yourself on that level is to identify with the core of your being instead of with the shells of personality that the ego has formed over the years. Understanding and accepting your deepest nature makes a huge difference in how you show up in your life.
  2. Acknowledge your life purpose. Every soul comes with its own fingerprint, a unique blend of God-given gifts. This is another aspect of the true self. The soul naturally seeks ways to apply those talents in service to others. Every time you show compassion or share a part of yourself, you are living your purpose. In every facet of life, you have an opportunity to fulfill the intention of your creation.
  3. Acknowledge your need for healing. Reconnecting to ourselves sometimes means healing old wounds that are still hurting us in the present. Are you carrying something from the past that it’s time to let go of? Your inner self will speak if given the opportunity; she will share with you what stands in her way. Ask the question and listen for the answer. You can do this by seeking insight within the pages of your journal. You may reach a realization in the midst of a conversation. Or you may look compassionately into your own eyes in a mirror while asking yourself what you need.
  4. Acknowledge your need for community. Social connections are an essential element of your well-being. In order to live a fulfilling life, you need relationships that simulate and inspire your spirit. If you are starting to feel isolated or resentful, perhaps your social self needs to be listened to. Contemplate what healing is needed for you in this area. How could you benefit from the relationships you already have? How could you strengthen the ones that matter most? How could you make new connections that will nourish you?
  5. Acknowledge your need for guidance. We all like to take action and feel that we are in charge of our lives. Yet in the realm of the spirit, the soul understands that life is divinely guided. You have not been left alone to figure things out. The Creator has not abandoned his creation! Where our individual powers end, the Divine is waiting for us. We arrive at the limits of what we can do on our own, and so we knock on the door of the Divine. When we do that, the Divine responds with love and grace. Your job is to listen to the subtle whispers, to be willing to learn.
  6. Acknowledge your soul’s need for worship. Prayer is a matter of acknowledging your humanness and at the same time gaining power by having the Divine by your side as you move through life. Through worship, we understand that we are never alone. By praying to the Divine power that has given you the gift of existence, your soul connects to the sacredness of that which is infinite, eternal, and grand.

When you take the time to reconnect to your deepest self, you create the conditions for authentic happiness and well-being. The soul flourishes in the garden of self-awareness, purpose, and alignment with the Divine.

Action item. Reflect on these six strategies for reconnecting to yourself and pick the two that appeal most strongly to you. In your journal, write down your goals for this spring season. Then state a prayer and let God take over. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Eiman Al Zaabi
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Eiman Al Zaabi is a transformational coach, spiritual teacher, and author of The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being