7 min. a Day to Empower your Breath..

Are you really enjoying your greatest power?

What does it feel like to take a deep cleaning breath..? Do you remember the last time you enjoyed this magical moment?

The one thing you can not live without is your breath.. When you were born your first breath brought you into this world with a cry awakening your soul…

When you are dying the last thing you leave this earth with is your breath..

What does that tell you?

Now should you value your breath more?

All the things in this world that consume are time are they worth it? or Should you focus on your inner power..

So I double dare you to take 7 min. a day for the next month to truly enjoy your breath..

First set a time everyday to begin this habit of establishing a healing energized style of breathing..

There are multiple styles of breath-work.. Being a Yogi for over a century has given me a gift to share this healing element to millions of humans lives.. Channel Cleaning Breath (Nadi Shodhana), Conqueror Breath (Ujjayi), Single Nostril Breath, and so many more..

We will start with a Inner strength and calmness for your souls internal light.

Ujjayi Pranayama

So seal those beautiful lips, inhale through your nose sending your breath up to the crown of you head pause for two counts before the exhale.
When you exhale from the back of your throat release the air from your lungs..
This practice should be done to 8 count for your inhale and 10 count for your exhale..
The idea is to deepen your internal compass which will help to calm anxiety and keep your breath aligned for grounding your mind..

Enjoy the Journey…

I believe you can be anything you want with focus and divine alignment…

Keep breathing my friends..


Kerry Morgan