7 Reasons Why You Will Live A Mediocre Life

Now go out and be extraordinary!

Paul Scott
Dec 28, 2016 · 5 min read

1. You’re afraid to stand out

People are creatures of habit and rarely like to step outside of what is comfortable. No one wants to be the odd one out, but in order to be #1, you have to be odd. The only way to be noticed is to be peculiarly different, and most people are scared to be themselves in fear of what others will say. Learn to embrace being the lone wolf, no one achieved anything great by going with the crowd

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2. You’re just flat out lazy

If you can see yourself crossing the finish line, you are already half way there…all you need to do now is take the necessary actions to get there. The work that it takes to bring this vision to life can be either hard or effortless, it’s all up to your mental attitude and your “why”. Most people don’t do want to do the work it takes because their “why” is not strong enough. They want the success and everything that comes with it, more than they want to accomplish the goal, when in fact, success is a byproduct of the accomplishment. Having the proper perspective and a sense of purpose is the antidote to laziness.

3. You fear what your family and friends may think

Most dreams are extinguished before they even get started because most people are fearful of what others may think and say about them. It’s normal to seek the support and validation of the ones closest to you, but when you have a vision that only you can see, you have to learn how to develop a thick skin and selective hearing. People will congratulate you for accomplishing something that they themselves believe they can do, but the moment you mention doing something that they believe is out of their grasp, you open yourself up to ridicule and negative feedback. Embrace it, and continue on. Its your vision and no one else needs to see it, if you can see it.

4. You lack imagination

The most detrimental thing any of us has ever been told, is to be realistic. Ideas that change the world are not “realistic”, they are revolutionary and they are ideas that the world has never seen before, hence the overwhelming impact of the idea to a point where the world has no choice but to change. Amazing ideas bring about extraordinary results. In order to get big, you have to think big. Not only should your thoughts be colossal but you have to believe in the reality you’re creating more than you believe in the current reality that you are now experiencing. In order to get to a destination, you have to see it first and experience it long before you get there.

5. You’re afraid of failure

We all would love to get it right on the first try, what ever it is that we are working toward, but failure is a key part to the process. Failure is where we learn about ourselves and we are able to see what works and what doesn’t work. This part of the process isn’t where we give up and go with something safe, failure is where we get all the answers to the test. When it doesn’t work out the first time, the second or the 50th time, our mistakes teach us the formula that will work the next time we attempt. Failure is where we find the winning lottery ticket.

6. You honestly don’t want it that bad

You aren’t hungry enough. Simple as that. People will fight tooth and nail for something that they really want. The difference between successful people and people who settle is this… successful people never quit. This mindset of never giving up is spurred on by hunger. What motivates one person may not motivate another but as mentioned in the previous points, your “why” is directly tied to this hunger and when your “why” means that much to you, nothing in the world can stop you. Period

7. You have toxic associates

We are the total sum of the individuals that we spend the most amount of time with. Energy is contagious, whether it be positive or negative. If the people you associate with have only been exposed to a life of working with their hands for everything they have ever gotten in life, they wont be able to comprehend an entrepreneurial mindset. You have to surround yourself with people who get it, otherwise you will be sucked back into the collective thought patterns of your peers.

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