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7 Ways to Naturally Caffeinate

It’s time to naturally caffeinate your life! Normally I’d speak about a purpose filled life or motivation, but we are going brass tacks here speaking of your actual coffee breaks each day. It’s pretty standard at any office, and these are some unique concepts to “break” that afternoon coffee habit!

Here are 7 ways to stop the afternoon reach for caffeine or “smoking break” effectively so that you can stay healthy and get the vital sleep you need when it’s time to actually get that sleep!

There are much more, although these are my ultimate favorites and they work like a charm!

1- Get Outside
If you can get around some trees all the better because they will be hydrating you with their fresh oxygenated air. Many times when my clients are stuck in mental turmoil, I encourage them to get outside connect and with nature. Nature has a healing effect because all that is green and living is in alignment, so why not surround yourself with this energy? The simple act of getting outside can create significant clarity.

2- Meditate
Meditation, for many, is more effective than sleep. This is why people are able to wake up at 4 AM without being sleepy the rest of the day. The additional benefits of meditation alone can completely change your paradigm of life, from bringing peace & health, to even clearer skin, and more efficient uses of time.

3- Move
Walk, dance, and move to different places. Our bodies are meant to move! If you’re at an office, maybe head to the bathroom if that makes you feel more comfortable to take a moment and dance your heart out! Also, if you find yourself falling asleep, especially for those studying away which can be so monotonous, try a new room such as a conference room to work in for a bit, or another available room. Changing your environment will deliver more energy to your mind.

Also a potential bonus: Some of my biggest personal breakthroughs have come to me amid movement, whether I was in a yoga session or on a jog. Breakthroughs also always energize my soul.

4- Inversion
Get upside down! I’ve heard of people doing headstands in the bathroom, (though don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after!). This gets your blood circulating from your toes to your head which creates a rush of energy and adrenaline in your body.

Another thing I like to do when available to me is to put my butt up against the wall with my feet up while my back is on the ground… similar to inversion, with the blood, yet also calming. I first learned this one in yoga, but immediately felt the effects, as well as becoming more relaxed. Just be careful not to fall asleep! I typically do this in tandem with a guided meditation, so I set an alarm to make sure I do not fall asleep.

5- Call someone to connect
I absolutely love this one. It’s not only exciting, but the connection with another person creates new flowing energy because it lights you up when you connect with others.

Now, don’t call just anybody, call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile or talk to a stranger. Maybe while you’re standing in line for coffee, talking to that stranger, you’ll get so energized by your conversation that you change your mind and opt for something else!

Hopefully obvious: Don’t call someone that is going to bring you down, such as a “complainer”.

6- Focus@Will
Focus@Will is an online or phone-based app that provides music with binaural beats mixed in. It supports you in focusing and seems to provide energy as well.

I had to include it, especially for those studying or that are doing tedious work. I seriously use this everyday, especially when I’m writing a lot. You can even set a timer on it which can encourage you to work on what you are doing until the timer goes off. Keep yourself on track, focused, and energized.

7- Acknowledgement
Tell someone how they rock your world, shine some light on some of their characteristics and traits that you feel are special and unique to them so that it lights them up.

This, in turn, also supports you. When you focus on someone else, you mirror the recognition within yourself and end up mutually rewarded. Don’t take my word for it, try it! I encourage this with my audience after every scope.

Lifting someone up, and supporting them, is ultimately fulfilling.

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