9 Reasons Why Practicing Inversions Makes You Hot


An inversion is inverting your body so that your hips are over your head. Types of inversions include headstands, handstands, shoulder stands, forearm stands, and anything in between.

Only about a year ago, I tried my first headstand. I started getting into Yoga and I thought headstands looked cool, so I decided to learn how to do them.

For my first few attempts, I started up against a wall. It was difficult, and the top of my head kind of hurt, but I felt amazing and empowered being able to balance upside down. I was immediately addicted.

Then, I started searching all kinds of tags on Instagram for the coolest poses that I could find and try. The rest is history.

Now, I practice inversions almost daily. Not gonna lie, it has somewhat turned into an obsession trying to see how much further I can stretch without falling or how much longer I can balance.

They are challenging, they are cool, they are bad-ass.

9 Reasons Why Practicing Inversions Makes You Hot

1. They display confidence.

Most people have never even attempted a headstand because they think that they could never do it, so by simply doing something that many people have never even tried, you automatically look confident. Confidence = Hot.

2. Practicing inversions looks fearless.

You look like a risk-taker. Especially when you start practicing them in tricky places, like the edge of a pool. Basically, you look like a bad-ass, and that’s hot.

3. Abs.

Getting into and holding these amazing poses while you are upside down requires incredible core strength. Increase core strength gives you defined abs. I have definition in my abdominal area that I have never had in my life.

4. Improved posture.

I talked about abs and core strength. Well, your core includes your back too. And, by practicing inversions, not only will your back muscles become more defined, it will also improve your posture. Standing up straight and tall is always hotter than slumping and hunching.

5. Inversions look super cool and impressive.

Seriously, if you start busting out handstands in random public places you are going to look like a rock-star. People might stare and think you are a little crazy, but most are going to think you are really cool.

6. Toned arms.

You might be thinking that headstands will hurt the top of your head. But actually, most of the weight should be in your arms. It’s just like holding an elbow plank, but you are inverted instead of having your feet on the ground. Sculpted arms and shoulders is hot.

7. Legs are strengthened.

This is another surprising “side-effect” of practicing inversions. Once you start getting into forearm stands and handstands, you will be kicking off of the ground with your legs. And landing with all of your weight. And, flexibility is required for the inversion variations. So, your legs will be strengthened and lengthened by your practice.

8. It’s fun.

Let’s face it, having fun and being carefree is hot. Inversions are fun. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling when you fall down.

9. Take an amazing selfie without doing your hair or makeup.

This might be my favorite reason right here. You can literally roll out of bed and still take an amazing selfie without even needing to do your hair or makeup.

Other Benefits Besides Looking Hotter

Back when I first started practicing I fell. Often. Well, I still fall, I am just a little more graceful about it now. But, when you get some hang time in a pose that you’ve been working on for weeks, it is so empowering.

In addition to looking hotter and feeling empowered, inversions require so much awareness and focus that it becomes an active form of meditation. The mental strength and ability that is required to trust and believe in YOU is greater than the physical strength that is needed.

Overall, it is an awesome cardio, strength, and flexibility workout that is fun and pushes your limits.

So, try it out, and post a pic in the comments below. Use the tag #inversionsmakeyouhot

PS — Want to get started learning how to do inversions? Check out this video tutorial for beginners where I show you exactly how to do it!