9 Tips on embracing change and the unknown

Picture by: Juan S. Malo

Being alive means living in a world that is in constant change and motion. Our lives are also in constant change and many times we are faced with uncertainty. Here are a few tips on how to embrace these turbulent times:

Tip #1 Embrace change, don’t resist it, accept what is.

Tip #2 Make an active effort to see these changes with curiosity and adventure, change your negative perspective.

Tip#3 When thoughts or feelings of isolation appear, cultivate interdependence thoughts. Uncertainty tends to make us feel separate from others, and embracing interdependence can help us shift from the feeling separate or isolated towards feeling part of a web of interdependence.

Tip #4 When your head starts worrying or anticipating about the future, cultivate basic attention.

Tip#5 When doubt and fear arise, cultivate gratitude.

Tip#6 When doubt and uncertainty reign the mind, remember that there is no certainty, and everything changes.

Tip#7 Start to act out of kindness instead of avoidance and frustration.

Tip#8 Cultivate kindness and compassion in yourself and others.

Tip#9 Embracing change and uncertainty with a positive attitude and outlook, fill your mind and intentions with a sense of adventure and curiosity.

Remember that what goes up will come down, and what has started will end. Life is a cycle, and what matters the most is how we decide to perceive change, and the unknown.

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