9 Effective Ways to Manage Stress at Work

It was #worldmentalhealthday yesterday. The focus this year was on mental health in the workplace.

If you are stressed out at work, here are a few tips to help you get calm and at peace

1. Breathe. just a few slow, deep breaths will calm your nervous system, take you out of your emotional response and give you chance to reassess the situation. Even better if you can devote 10 minutes to this meditation practice

10 minutes to soothe the soul

2. Walk. Get out of the office and go for a walk. Even if just for 5 minutes, get some air and move your body.

3. Write a gratitude list. List everything you can think of that you are grateful for right now. If you can find the positive in the situation causing stress even better

4. Ditch the coffee. Caffeine adds to anxiety, so even though you might think it is helping, it probably isn’t. Try some herbal tea, or water, instead.

5. Step away from the internet! If your job is computer based switch it off and do something paper based or away from your desk for a little while.

6. Get some exercise. Take 15 minutes out and do something that involves moving your body

7. EAT LUNCH! Don’t work through lunch thinking that it will help ease the overwhelm. It won’t. Taking a break and enjoying your food away from your desk will leave your mind relaxed and much more productive.

8. Talk to someone about how you feel, don’t just let it fester. There is no shame in how you feel, and talking things out, with a trusted confidante, can really help.

9. Throw it out. This simple practice, which can be done in the bathroom in work, or in the house before you leave, really helps you to let go of stress in the mind and body.

Throw out tension and stress in this quick and easy practice

9. Look for the action you can take to resolve the situation. If this is an ongoing source of stress, you need more than an in the moment solution, you need to take action. Maybe you need to find a way to reduce your workload, perhaps you need a more user friendly workspace, maybe you need to be able to take regular breaks without being disturbed, maybe you need to take some time off and rest.

You can learn more about stress management strategies I teach on my website where you can access free resources and ways to work with me to help you live your best life!