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A Breakup Can Be Your Breakthrough

We all know that breakups are tough, especially when you’re married or simply living together. You’ve committed yourself to the other person with the hopes of creating a future together. But sometimes despite your best effort the relationship just doesn’t work out.

This brings along all sorts of fear of the unknown. We don’t know what comes next or if we’ll be okay. One thing to consider though is that sometimes an ending is an opportunity to begin again.

I was faced with such an opportunity in 2011 after my divorce. I was with my wife for six years, and we were married for a little less than two years. Shortly after our wedding, we made the decision to relocate to South Carolina from Alabama. After we separated she immediately moved back to Alabama. This left me in a new city knowing very few people outside of the folks I worked with.

This could have been a difficult time for me. Not since college had I been new to a city and relatively alone. I chose to look at it as an opportunity.

I immediately started attending meet up events with the intent of getting to know people. I said yes to almost everything. If someone invited me to do something I accepted. Any evening that didn’t involve me sitting at home alone was considered a win.

Before long, and only a few months after the divorce was final, I found myself landed in my first friend group since college. My life had changed for the better. It was as if my divorce was the catalyst for a life filled with excitement and community.


If you find yourself in a relationship that is on the brink of ending and you’re worried about what comes next, remember that the ending of a relationship doesn’t have to be a loss for you. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to create something new and exciting for yourself. It could be just the change you need to spur you into action.

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