How Market Patriarchy is degrading Men and Women
John Bunzl

A Bunzl of Wisdom in a Simpol Solution

John and his stunning Global Governance initiative, Simpol, have put the finger on the massive, sensitive point.

The respective hierarchies of Patriarchy and Matriarchy have been Human Nature’s eternal war about reconciling Either/ Or. That we are born in a predominantly masculine or feminine hormonal housing will necessarily dictate certain of our behaviours from thereon.

However … there is an unaddressed third “hierarchetype” at play; the very playing field itself onto which we are all born.

This global playing field has been deeply inbred with and invested in the Fight. We misunderstand that Competition is companion if used constructively not destructively. But Competition has become synonymous with conquering as opposed to flourishing. At its root, competition is a natural phenomenon in the plant and animal kingdoms. Force and dominance determine the “successful” outcome. Survival. But the difference with us is in Choice. Humans possess the unique ability to reflect. So Competition in our hands becomes a mutation and distortion of Manipulation for Conquest. Competition is a natural state. Conquest is a man-made state.

Competition has remained in an infantile phase of evolutionary deadlock. Now comes shifting bedrock — as Brexits and “Brexidents” and #MeToos and #WeToos and many other surges signal change by exerting their Voice on this POTUS-induced gamechanging landscape.

Perhaps we first need to vent pent-up rage at the dysfunctional System via each other (that it’s this leader or that government’s or that corporation’s fault for the systemic breakdown). An infant in a tantrum isn’t to be reasoned with. At this sobering stage of the Body Politic’s global growth spurt pacifiers don’t cut it. The Internet of Us was once that pacifier but has now exceeded even itself by breaking the veil, forcing an inward look vis a vis an outward expulsion. But as the tantrum wears thin and wears us down, maybe we’ll recognise what we failed to see; that the system itself has failed us (as well as we having also failed each other in certain instances) … and that the energy behind the blame can be recycled into redressing the terms of the game.

Inhale. Exhale. One doesn’t preclude the other any more than Global Competition does to the Global Whole. Unless the breath is uneven … and the lungs are filled with fluid … and the arteries are blocked. Then we find ourselves in the Global Hole. Then we need damage control.
Maybe it’s a Simpol Solution.