A Game-Changer in Academic Medicine

My conversation with Stephanie Abbuhl, M.D.

“Ask for what you need.”
Stephanie Abbuhl, M.D.

I host a weekly radio show on SiriusXM 111, Business Radio Powered by Wharton, called Work and Life. We publish edited versions of my conversations as free podcasts. I invite you to listen to the episode (embedded below) that is my conversation with Stephanie Abbuhl, MD, Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs in the department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. Since 2001, she has been Executive Director of FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women, which works for the advancement of women faculty in leadership positions and promotes women’s health research. Stephanie has served in several leadership positions including Medical Director, Fellowship Director, and Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine.

In this episode, Stephanie and Stew discussed the results of their NIH-funded study on transforming the culture of academic medicine, which examined factors that promote women’s careers in science and medicine. Stephanie also explains her research on the effects of unconscious bias against women in the workplace. She presents strategies for organizations to reduce the harmful impact of bias. Her work highlights the “cohort phenomenon,” which counteracts negative bias through strength in community building and information exchange. Stephanie and Stew discuss the challenges women face in dual-career relationships. They talk with a caller at the end of the show about practical skills for career mothers, offering tips for women to achieve.

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