A Million Little Reasons

How to bring together the tiny pieces of you for a big life

Self Care takes a hit in the modern world. We’re busy DOING. There is so much to DO in this life.

I get it. I DO.

We become broken from our self. This isn’t how life is meant to be.

Spiritual leaders guide us to ‘Just Be’.

We strive to focus… to ‘Just Be’ for a block of time for meditation or other self care practice.

Ten minutes is a starting point.

We practice keeping our word to our self.

Our mind begs us to get busy and DO what we need to DO.

What are we DOING?

We begin to observe the madness of incessant DOING.

Our mighty voice deep within begs to stay the course.

We pause for breath.

We choose action aligned with who we are.

We shift. We make room for our self. We feel more deeply. We connect more deeply.

Our heart tugs us to keep being.

One by one, that which isn’t aligned gently floats away.

Our heart patiently hums persistence to reclaim itself.

We fall in love with our self. We pick up our fragments and put them back where they belong.

We expand. We form new pathways to be more loving with our self.

We love our self from our heart. Inspired action creates miracles.

We reflect the whole of our self. We breathe. We observe. We see. We feel.

We make room for our self. We acknowledge the blessed feeling that is the deep core of us.

We breathe. We feel. We express. We’re silent. We heal. We converse. We move. We flex. We rest. We change. We smile. We follow where we are led. We are inspired. We inspire.

We Live. We Love. We magnify our worth a million times a million when we live true to our self.

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