A Piece of Your Puzzle


Today isn’t just another day. Today is twenty-four hours that you will never get back and today is an array of opportunities that stand right in front of you.

Society as a whole is set on the “routine” day and weekdays are hardly ever memorable. As individuals, we all need to stay away from floating through our days. The average American lives to be 78.74 years old and that is equivalent to about 28,740 days. That may seem like a hefty number, but you will spend around 9,484 days asleep.

This leaves us, on average, about 18,968 days to make our mark on the world. It is common to hear people remark, “Just another day” when we ask how they are doing. This response is false. Today is not just another day. Today is an opportunity that feeds into our days on Earth.

Life is full of peaks and valleys but it is so crucial to understand how precious each day is. Every day is special and should never be viewed as “another day.” Right now is the only moment that matters and we all need to grasp the opportunities that lie in front of us.

Today is a piece of your puzzle and it is up to you how you put it together.

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