A Rooftop Farm in the Heart of New York Helps the City Go Green

Farms and New York City are not usually words that I say in the same sentence. But a rooftop farm in the heart of New York helps the city go green!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to tour Gotham Greens rooftop farm with a wonderful group of health and wellness enthusiasts in NYC. Alyssa Gagarin organized the tour and invited me to see what is growing on top of the Whole Foods in Gowanus. To say I was in greens heaven is an understatement.

Local Eats — From Roof to Shelf in Minutes

This 15,000 square foot rooftop farm takes locally grown to an entire new level! The food is grown on the roof of Whole Foods, cleaned, packaged and brought literally downstairs to sell on the shelves at the store. And for other locations in the city, a truck ride from the rooftop farm isn’t far away. This ensures that you are eating food harvested at it’s peak so it is fresh and nutritionally beneficial for your!

“Our products are harvested before breakfast so they can be on your plate by lunch.” — Gotham Greens

When you eat vegetables bought at grocery stores, they are picked before their pick because they are likely traveling long distances to get to the stores. This means the health benefits are literally being lost in translation and by the time the food gets to your plate, it has almost gone bad! But Gotham Greens is so local and has little to no travel time that the food is lasting longer in your refrigerator. You will notice a taste in the flavor of all of the greens coming from this rooftop farm and never be able to eat any other kind of again!

Hydroponic Farming

Another wonderful thing about Gotham Greens is how they’re growing their greens. Everything is grown without soil, also known as hydroponic farming. The greens are kept in rows that allow for mineral-rich water to reach the plants and then be recaptured to be used again. This helps reduce waste and energy and all greens are free from pesticides and chemicals.

“We are farmers that live in apartments.” — Gotham Greens

The environment in the greenhouse rooftop farm is controlled which eliminates the worry of eating seasonally. There is no concern over how nutrient rich the soil is for the best tasting food. It also allows for food to be grown in smaller spaces than traditional farms. This makes rooftop farming perfect for New York City where we are known for making it work in small spaces! The food being produced at Gotham Greens is also way more sustainable than a soil farm because the farmers are in complete control of the entire process and feeding/growing of the crops.

The quality and taste of Gotham Greens is obvious. From the second you walk out on to the rooftop farm, you can smell the fresh basil and you can see the color green stretching out for what seems like miles. It is amazing to see a company take pride in the food they grow and also want to make use of often forgotten about space. In a city this is constantly building up, why not take advantage of whats on top of it all? So the next time you’re staring at a rooftop in New York City, imagine your food being able to grow there and be in your apartment before your next meal!

Check out the amazing lineup Gotham Greens has of produce and be sure to purchase it the next time you see it on your grocery store shelf. You’ll know it’s absolutely the freshest greens on the market!

And you can watch our totally fun and educational tour to Gotham Greens by clicking this link! Alyssa made the best video and I am so honored to have been part of it!

Originally published at www.balancedlife-leslie.com on August 17, 2017.

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