Acceptance of situations is the key to moving through them and growing from our experiences.

It is the nature of life for us humans to be confronted with a range of situations — some of them very difficult and trying. This is one of the qualities of being human in this physical world. When this happens, we typically resist the circumstance and cry, “NO, NO, NO! I do not want this! I did not ask for this!” Especially when we believe the experience to be negative.

However, this experience is our reality. It is here and resisting it will not make it go away. Resistance will simply exacerbate our pain and suffering. We simply have two choices in which to deal with this experience and these choices are denial and acceptance.

In every case in life, in every choice, whether we believe at the time this experience is positive or if we believe at the time it is negative, these labels in essence don’t matter. The experience is happening. Resisting the experience provides suffering. Acceptance of the experience leads us through and gives us perspective of how to encounter it, confront it, and grow from it.

The choice we have lies in the interpretation of the experience. It is here where our power lies, our perception is our reality. The truth in our lives is with our perception — are we going to experience life as suffering or will we experience it as a dance where we are creating our experiences?

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