ACCESS Global Ed Talk: Accept the Challenge

I anticipated having to work hard, but perhaps maybe, I did not expect having to work this hard…

I began my journey close to twenty years ago; offering tutoring services over the phone and in person. I was good at helping others understand information so I enjoyed it, besides it was a great side hustle. This was actually before I became a teacher and before any of my graduate classes or advance degrees. When I look back; it is only fitting that I eventually would become a teacher and then an educational consultant. Education was my life long before I knew it could be my life.

I remember launching my business, it was amazing; I had clients, I had ideas and I had connections. It was easy; the dots were connecting and I was enjoying the process. Struggle, what struggle; everything was going according to plan.

Hahahahaha, and then it happened; reality. In the midst of my delight I was heading for turmoil. My great ideas were no longer great, my clients had aged out and my connections were dwindling, but ignorance bliss. I basically watched it all slip away because I did not know how to gain momentum and keep it. I found myself listening to people who had given up on their dreams, while being overwhelmed with my crisis. Anyone and every one had my ear. I actually created events that had nothing to do with my passion or purpose. I allowed myself to be pulled in direction that had nothing to do with ACCESS Global. I was no longer rooted, like a tumbleweed blowing down a hill; aimless with no direction. It was a depressing period. I was ready to walk away from my company and abandon all of my hopes and dreams. During one of my pity parties I decided to take a view from the balcony; removing your self from the situation will change your perspective because you cannot solve a problem and the same level in which the problem was created.

It’s funny now, but nothing is funny when it’s killing you. I was finally experiencing the sleepless nights, challenging days and depleted efforts other entrepreneurs referenced. Life was smooth up until this point. But this is where the real work begins and I am up for the challenge.

I learned from my mistakes and now I know I am not finished until I am done. There is work to be completed daily. Building ACCESS Global is about building a legacy for my granddaughter’s grandchildren. I work to educate, encourage and empower and until all are educated, encouraged, and empowered, I am still standing: hustling, grinding everyday. There are no days off and I am perfectly fine with that. The goal is to live like I have to for now so I can live like I want to later, later as in near future!

How to Handle the Challenges

  • Remember it is only a moment.
  • Always anticipate recovery.
  • No matter how far you fall get back up.
  • Keep a positive outlook.
  • Seek assistance when necessary.
  • Find a support system.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
  • Have your emotional breakdown then get to work.
  • Trust the process.
  • Practice self-love.
  • Continue to crush it!

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