ACCESS Global Ed Talk: What If?

Recently, I gave a talk for a group of college students who represent diverse backgrounds and situations. My engagements typically start the same. I discuss being an entrepreneur, a consultant, a coach, a speaker and an author. I give information about how I starting my business and how my son’s learning difficulties caused me to pursue education. I typically end with motivational stories based on my life and experiences. This usually leads to a question and answer session with an abundance of active participation. Normally, the audience is enthusiastic so I encourage them to contact me later with any additional questions.

However, this event was different. I have never been in a setting were so many students were reluctant to act because of obstacles. What if this does not work, what if I can not get help, what if they say no, what if I am not allowed. So many what ifs!

What I know for sure: You are your only obstacle! If you think you can, you are right. If you think you cannot, your are right! If you expect opposition, you will find opposition. If you expect defeat, you will experience defeat. The first step to changing your life is changing your thinking. You cannot prosper with negative thoughts of defeat and failure. Worrying about every problem that can occur will surely cause them to occur. Its the Law of Attraction; what you think about you bring about. Perhaps you do not subscribe to the Law of Attraction, but your are a faith driving person; in that case, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Regardless to your belief system, taking action, gaining insight and remaining positive, motivated and inspired is the key to reaching your desired outcomes.

Many years ago I was struggling with the idea of starting a business and I could think of a million “ifs” to deter my progress. Then a friend offered advice, “if if where a fifth, we would all be drunk” and that was enough for me to decide. What will it take for you to decide?

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