Acting & Learning— The Strength Of My Life: Maulik Chauhan

The Man Behind Social Development In India

When you invest your time to help & encourage people in life, you will start acting — that’s an attitude enlighten the characteristics of this man, who is the role model for many people in the field of film making. Growing up from small town Mehsana of Gujrat in India, Maulik Chauhan was a sharp student during school days. Perhaps a closer look into his struggle in life and achievements can inspire every individuals.

Maulik during Gujraati film — ‘Thai Jashe’ shooting in Gujarat — India

Apart from working in Film industry, Maulik is passionately working for social welfare, while dedicating maximum time of his life for social cause via acting in films. In addition of that he managed to practicing as he is professionally medical graduate whereas he holds Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) honor. Consistently he loves acting & spreading the effective information about people who are in need of ‘happy health’. The clouds of excellence almost touched Maulik, when he have seen struggle of people around his town from the scratch. His dedication towards film making have been claimed big buzz in Gujarat — India. He woke up with courage, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever he does. He started taking his passion quite seriously. All he had with him to change his life was courage to be an active, and an aim to excel. His courage has rewarded as he started seeing improvements in his life. His passion started to improve. He started to win awards at state level. “Every experience has molded me into what I have accomplished today and inspired me to achieve more and more, as my parents used to encourage me regularly”, he Says.

Maulik during public event in India as an Anchor

The Vigor Media awarded him with best dancer of Gujrat award also best actor award from Sangit natya academy of Gujraat for the play ‘Spandan’ in 2011. A man who is an actor by passion, doing homeopathic practice in a village, visiting patients once in a month, performed in streets plays, lead 300+ events as an anchor also few events as a singer — worked in 9-Short films, 5-plays and many more.

As a person and an actor, he encourages everyone out there to stand up and make a choice, stand up and fight for human rights, stand up and make a change, remember it all start from individuals, the decisions, and the first step we take. A responsible person is a leader because as a mentor you teach a child to do all things so let us all stand up and do it all.

Maulik during film shooting

I’m so proud for the work I have been doing, I don’t just do it, but I love doing. Apart from acting, I love singing & dancing and my sister (Urvi) is my dance guru, as she taught me to dance when she used to learn Bharatnatyam”, Maulik recalls.

Indian cinema is more into commercial mindset and that should be but films should have an influence in society. It’s time to work for society and help deserving talents to realize their potential and social issue which can solve through films. Film industry should be the part of the change. “What I feel is, films like Chak De India, Bhag Milka Bhag, etc., should be made more to inspire and motivate the youth”, he says.
Maulik along with Executive Producer of ‘Hausla Aur Raaste’, during Bollywood short film shoot

Everyone faces insecurities and other challenges. Maulik did too. But He wanted to redefine it, and encourage people to understand their hidden potential. Without pain, nobody can gain.“He always talks about the worth of action and education, and striking a balance between work and life”, to inspire others. His knowledge & education is the key of excellence. He dedicate all achievements to his parents & he believes in Karma.

Maulik has played the key role in Tamil Movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ as an Actor

‘I too had own difficulties to manage my passion towards acting. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through many challenges, because during school & college day I didn’t know about my dream, but when I have realized my friends & family supported me. Though it was tough for family because I was changing my career from Doctor to Actor, whereas acting is most insecure profession, but now they are happy’, Maulik recalls.

Maulik while hosting a public event in Gujarat — India During Oct 2017

Maulik’s contribution so far –

In Films:

Maulik as a lead actor in ‘The Suspect’ Indian short film

Awards so far:

  • Best Dancer of Gujarat Award from Vigor Media and performed for Trance media in 2007
  • Best Actor Award from Sangit Natya Academy Of Gujarat for the play ‘Spandan’ in 2011.
Maulik while addressing to people during public event in Gujarat — India

Message by the passionate and powerful man, Maulik Chauhan -

“If you want to become an achiever in your life, then any profession in this world will enable the platform, if you think differently. Work hard towards your passion, clear action is the key of success and you can open any difficult lock in the world. You can achieve anything that you want in life if you have courage and faith in your efforts.Your work should be primary focus then luck come into picture. Never give up and never underestimate yourself, just believe & achieve it”.