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After Work Pilates Routine to Re-Lengthen and Re-Energize Your Body.

Feeling drained after a long work day? Not motivated to exercise? I’ve got just the remedy: Pilates. Learn about the health benefits of Pilates and press play on this After Work Pilates Routine to re-lenthen and re-energize in minutes.

After Work Pilates Routine

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Does it ever feel like you get home at the end of a long work day and you have shrunk 2 feet? All the sitting, the emails, the stress…. it’s starting to make you feel achy, cranky, and tight.

Sitting at a computer can do a number on your body and mind. From increased fatigue and weight gain to lower back pain and reduced cardiovascular health, sitting all day at work (and plopping yourself on the couch to relax after a hard day) can lead to some serious health complications.

Enter: Pilates. This form of movement, which sometimes incorporates equipment, is a low-impact way to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve endurance. With an emphasis on postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance, this Pilates makes for a perfect remedy for after a long, stressful work day.

Read on to learn more of the benefits of Pilates and get an After Work Pilates Routine you can use to counteract all the effects of sitting at a desk and dealing with stress.

Health Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Pilates is much more than just a workout. Not only does it sculpt your body, it is a mindful form of moving that connects you to your breathing, clears your mind, gives you energy, and provides inner serenity. Pilates will condition your body and improve your performance level in whatever you do. It’s for the runner, the athlete, the Yogi, the dancer, the biker, the golfer, the prenatal and post natal mom the injured and the healthy. By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, Pilates makes for a complete mind-body workout that can revitalize your energy and health. Some of the health benefits of Pilates include:

Builds a Balanced Body. Unlike some forms of exercise, Pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect others. Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole with workouts that promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. Pilates is whole body fitness.

Adaptable to All Fitness Levels and Ages. Pilates is for everyone. Whether you are a senior just starting to exercise, an elite athlete or somewhere in between, the foundations of Pilates movement apply to you. Pilates is accessible to all ages and genders. With thousands of possible exercises and modifications, Pilates workouts can be tailored to individual needs.

Improves core strength for flat abdominals and a strong back. Sitting at a computer weakens your core and hip muscles ( your support system ) causing a lot of compression in the lumber spine. Pilates exercises develop a strong “core,” or center of the body. The core consists of the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine which can help prevent or alleviate lower back pain.

Builds long, lean muscles and flexibility. More conventional or traditional workouts are weight bearing and tend to build short, bulky muscles — the type most prone to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.

Improves sports performance and prevents injuries. Pilates is a way to help you achieve better fitness results, regardless of your goals or specialties. Your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned, helping you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease, better performance and less chance of injury. That’s why so many professional sports teams and elite athletes now use Pilates as a critical part of their training regimen.

Improves Body Awareness and the Mind/Body Connection. Creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates was adamant that Pilates was about “the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” With of the Pilates exercise each movement is practiced with total attention. When we exercise in this way, the body and mind unite to bring forth the most benefit possible from each exercise. The Pilates principles — centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow — are key concepts that are used to integrate body and mind.

A regular pilates exercise routine can help you improve your performance, beat stress, and build a balanced body thats pain free for life. Pilates is the perfect feel good fix to help your body relax after a long day of work. Next time you’ve had a crazy day at the office, roll out your exercise mat when you get home instead of pressing play on “Real Housewives” to move through this simple after work Pilates Routine. A few simple pilates exercises and deep breaths will allow you to reset and renew your body and spirit in minutes. This after work Pilates Routine contains some of my favorite pilates exercises. You’ll try moves like the pilates roll up, stomach series, bridge, and more. I do this Pilates Routine several times a week to help balance my body and clear my mind. You don’t need any equipment to get started, just your mat, some space, and a positive attitude. Ready to feel better? Put on some stretchy pants and press play on this after work Pilates Routine now.

After Work Pilates Routine

Next time you have a long work day, try this after work Pilates Routine and let me know how it makes your body feel in the comments below. I loved filming this video for you and hope it serves you in your health, fitness, and work performance! If you liked this video, please hit like and share with friends who could benefit! Together we can build our positive community online and off.

Thanks for the great pilates workout! Till next time, keep shining my friends.


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Originally published at on May 31, 2017.



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