Do you ever catch yourself stressed out about a list of stuff on a to do list?

The agenda you’ve created gives structure for your day, but the nature of each day is unpredictable. So, any attempt to control something unpredictable may work for or ‘against’ you, by definition.

Instead of doing what you’re supposed to do with your day, it could be worth taking a step back. Ask yourself how you’d feel and use feeling as your internal compass. Then, use your compass to guide actions throughout the day, as you improve in your ability to pre-judge what is ‘good’ for you vs what’s not.

Think about feeling as your ability to measure if something is good for you (i.e. in alignment) or not good for you. When you feel frustrated, sad, angry, upset, resentful, or bored, you are not making the most of your day — and existence. On the other hand, when you feel joy, empowered, loving, generous, grateful, excited, or passionate, you are enriching your life.

Effectively, you’re converting any ‘agenda’ you might have to be a ‘mission’ instead, meaning something that gives — or enhances — meaning in your life. I suspect you’ll be surprised with what stays and goes, and how great life is when you choose activities based upon how you feel when you do them.

The process of changing ‘agenda’ to ‘mission’ is simple:

  • Make a list of stuff you intend to do today.
  • As you get to each item on the list, check in with yourself, imagine doing it, and see how it feels.
  • If you feel good when you think about it, go for it.
  • If you don’t feel good when you think about it, see if you can skip this item on your list, pass it off to someone else, or do it another time.
  • Do more stuff that feels good over time and make every attempt to eliminate items that produce a negative emotion or sense of anxiety or overwhelm.

Today’s thought exercise: what if you spent your days — and life — only doing things that made you feel great?

How much happier would you be? And, in your happy state, how many things would cease to bother you — or cause you to stop feeling great — when you think about doing them?

It’s an interesting cycle of creating room to become more tolerant, so you enjoy more of your life and feel less intolerant.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


Originally published at on August 11, 2017.

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