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Plain and simple, relationships are hard work! All relationships require communication, compromise and compassion to be productive and healthy. Each person’s Element Personality Type shows and needs love in different ways. Take a peak below for insight into the Language of Elemental Love.


Wood Element love begins during childhood and expands with age to include love for siblings, then relatives, then friends, their country, and ultimately, love for humanity. This natural human virtue explains why you, as a Wood person, aspire to give and receive sweet love, wanting to feel cherished, respected and understood by a partner who acknowledges and honors your feelings.

In intimate exchange, you cannot be rushed; you often need time and space for gentle touch, slow, sensual exploration and prolonged love-making. When you feel treasured and safe within a warm relationship, you as a Wood lover are able to reveal your intuitive, loving abilities that even you cannot completely understand-but then, we know that Wood has a natural ability to love and be loved.


If your Fire energy is true to form, then you are flirtatious and enjoy calling attention to yourself. You love fantasy, being naked, having the lights on, and unpredictable moves. You probably want to talk and want your partner to talk back to you. Wild talk, animal sounds-it’s all part of the fun for your high-octane Fire energy.

Immediately after lovemaking, you are apt to go on to the next thing; checking text messages for example. This behavior is not intended to be dismissive to your partner. It is simply your nature. However, be aware that this can be perceived as unloving or just plain rude. You may have to make some compromises in order to be in a relationship with a lover who is one of the other four elements, but it will be well worth the effort for both of you.


You have a tendency to be easy-going and are able to have a wonderful relationship with any of the other Elemental types. You are welcoming and have a good sense of humor. Most Earth people love to eat, sleep and loll in bed … does that sound like you? Your Element is the one that most enjoys the familiar, earthy smell of bodies.

You also relish gentle, smooth caressing and may have noticed that your belly, chest, underarms and throat are particularly sensitive to touch. As an Earth person, you probably don’t have a neat and tidy bedroom, and you don’t want to go over-the-top with scary lovemaking practices. You may crack a joke and laugh at yourself or your partner … you are truly a natural lover.


Every Metal lover is different, but in general, you may think that you already know everything there is to know about love-making. You probably enjoy preparing and planning for action ahead of time. Then, during love-making, your mind may wander outside of yourself, as you check on how you are doing. Since you are interested in performance, you tend to like mirrors so you can observe your moves and your body. Try to remember that making love really is about the two of you being present together. Try to let go of critical self-evaluation, and enjoy the ride, so to speak.

Although you are not naturally an empathetic or intuitive lover, you do your best to perform well and please your partner. Even though you tend to keep your emotions hidden, you appreciate acknowledgement of your prowess as a lover, so be certain to ask your partner to provide that for you.


As a mysterious, invisible Water lover, you are very different from the romantic Wood, flirtatious Fire, easygoing Earth, or goal-oriented Metal. You are a quiet lover, who may never make a sound. Your energy is filled with deeply addictive, seductive pleasures waiting to be expressed. Although water is cold and hidden, it is also fluid and soft; an all-powerful, forward-moving tidal wave that swells and surges! It is the instinctual life-giving power of creation. Not a bad way to describe yourself, in bed!

You probably appreciate darkness and privacy in order to feel completely safe and free to display your creative passion. You may prefer to have doors locked, curtains drawn and blinds shut; you also may like being covered in pillows or a fluffy blanket. You are instinctive, and your energy wants to go deeper and deeper; filling every hollow and yielding to every protrusion. Once uncovered, your level of physical giving and receiving is intense and passionate.

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May you Live Long, Live Strong and Live Happy!

Dr. Mao

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