All You Need to Know About Vault Apps

Not just for their eyes only

Tali Orad
Tali Orad
Feb 27, 2019 · 3 min read
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Just a few days ago CNN reported some very alarming news, of a Florida mother founding clips on YouTube and YouTube Kids that gave children instructions on how to kill themselves. Horrifying!!! and yet I applaud this mom who took the time to monitor and check what her children are doing on their devices. Including checking the content of the apps they are using.

YouTube and YouTube kids are apps we all know of, and now more than ever, going to pay attention in regards to the kids consumption of videos. But what about everything else that is on their devices? Have you heard of the term Vault apps?

What is a Vault App?
‘Vault app’ or ‘ghost app’ lets you store and manage private photos, videos, text messages, voice recording, notes, documents and other files, and stash them in secret folders. For a teen — it’s an opportunity and a liability!

A quick search for them on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store reveals dozens of listings for these types of apps. The majority of them are disguised as simple calculators or puzzles.

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What’s the Problem?

What can You Do?

Start a conversation with your child about privacy. Let them know that things that go on the Internet or are shared via smartphones last forever and can be shared with anyone.
Their need for a vault app could be just part of their technology curiosity. However, it still requires your parental guidelines.

  • Talk to your child about using phones responsibly. Explain that you respect their privacy, but you need to keep them safe.
  • Remind them that taking and/or sharing embarrassing or revealing pictures often comes back to haunt people.
  • Could it be a sign for a different issue?! Consider that kids might not be trying to hide photos from you but from nosy friends. Try and see if you can understand the reason.
  • Use a family app store account that notifies you when your child downloads a new app.
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* Tip: on iOS there is an easy way to reveal any camera apps disguised as something else. By checking the apps that uses camera, as we all know a calculator does not require access to the camera.

Settings >> Privacy >> Camera.


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