Along the Lake

Gems sculpted by glaciers on the beach

Nodding trees touch wisdom beyond our reach

Swifts swipe and swoop, catching flies

Soft sunlight glimmers in our eyes

Each night is light, but cold and pure

Each day is lit with warmth and cheer

Days sweep behind us, seeds on wind

Nights tumble past, ghost moon peeks in

Life is abundant, fast and slow

where forests and flowers and thoughts will grow

Time shapes and carves us, like ice it scrapes

Our little lives, our past mistakes

Our better hopes, our wiser plans

lay in sun dial shadow and moon clock hands

In bird song and wild berries there is sweetness we’ve tasted

Yet, we know by same signs , there is much we have wasted

As frozen hearts melt, we sense all that’s alive

When forgiveness, in blue, pours out of new skies

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