An easy way to save your energy in everyday situations

Because we work more with our heads and less with our hands

Source: Unsplash

In the Western world, people nowadays work more with their heads and less with their hands and although the knowledge economy offers great potential for fulfilling jobs it has also become more stressful, demanding and less secure.

An easy way to save your energy is through acceptance and getting more psychologically flexible.

Acceptance involves transferring energy and valuable internal resources from controlling one’s internal events to observing one’s environment and being able to decide on and take the right action necessary for the attainment of desired goals.

In order for this transfer to work, people need to be willing to experience even the most unwanted and unpleasant thoughts, feelings and sensations (like fear, anxiety or pain) so that they do not use their energy and attention on altering or getting rid of them. And so instead they can use their attentional resources on deciding and behaving in ways that will take them to their valued goals (e.g. performing well at work).

Choices can therefore be made on the basis of values and goals and not on what emotions or thoughts they may be experiencing.

People who do not try to avoid or control internal events have more attention resources and since they are not very avoidant, they may, through trial and error, learn how they can most effectively use this control, in order to act in a way that is consistent with their values and goals.

So an easy way to save energy in everyday situations is to be more willing to experience some unwanted feelings and experiences, knowing that the energy you save can be invested into keeping your life on track.