An Interview with Frank Daversa — Author of Spirituality in the 21st Century

I had the pleasure to speak with Frank, the author of Spirituality in the 21st Century. If you haven’t had the time to read a book in a while, this one is definitely worth the read. Especially if there’s something within you, longing for something more than itself.

The average person thinks spirituality is about labeling a bunch of marbles with religious sounding names, placing the same marbles into a bag, and then randomly choosing which religion to follow. Lets face it these days its hard for people to make sense of whether or not they are religious or spiritual. Before I digress into who Frank is, I find it important to teach you a little bit about who he is.

This isn’t Frank’s first time writing, he’s a published author and a frequent guest within the spiritual community. He’s a thought leader when it comes to understanding new and differentiated ways to live out one’s spirituality in the modern world. Hailing from New York, he developed his writing skills in 1981, decided to move to Houston, Texas to enter the corporate world and finally left to become a writer in 2007. Since contracting a serious illness in 1997, he was motivated to write the latest book. It was through this illness he was able to renew his faith in God and view and develop a deeper appreciation of life in a more enlightened way.

Frank P. Daversa takes an in-depth look at Spirituality in the 21st Century to help readers enhance their understanding of spirituality, life, and the world, thus achieving enlightenment. This spiritual read focuses mainly on growth — in particular, spiritual growth. As such, it covers many topics, from belief in God to spiritual paths and from truth to spiritual awareness. It’s a story which offers a vision of the present and future that is both compelling and insightful. It is a transformative work that enhances the reader’s ability to shape his/her own destiny. It takes you on an illuminating journey through life, providing key insights along the way.

In life there’s a journey we all must follow, a journey that only we ourselves most discover for ourselves. This is partly because in order for us to realize the mystery of who we are, it is difficult to know who we have for so long called ourselves to be simultaneously.

One of the concepts Frank highlights is that a person begins life with a default destiny, a spiritual path that God has chosen for him as He sees fit. However, man possesses the gift of free will, which makes it possible to change his default path for better or worse during the course of his lifetime, in turn creating a new path for himself. He stresses that in order for man to rise above his default path, he must grow spiritually.

Readers will find a down-to-earth approach for understanding spiritual knowledge. They will discover default spiritual paths and the five principles of spiritual enlightenment. He contends to unite body, mind and soul, a person must:

1. Accept God into their life and Jesus Christ as their savior;

2. Complete their formal education;

3. Learn more about themselves, their health and mental well-being;

4. Learn more about the needs of others;

5. Learn more about the natural environment in which they live.

He also makes readers aware of the challenges that may weaken our spirits, but imparts his knowledge on how to conquer them. For example, he asserts there are three critical lessons Earth needs to overcome in this century: global warming, and two others you will find in Chapter 7 of his book on spirituality.

Regarding relationships, romantic couples need to develop the first three principles of spiritual enlightenment before engaging in a love relationship, then pursue the last two in order to form a stronger union. For a detailed description of these and other topics, read his latest book (pictured above).

Frank claims that although many of his concepts are revolutionary, he leaves it to the readers to decide whether they represent truth or fiction. However, he knows that readers will view spirituality and the world in a better light when they read Spirituality in the 21st Century. If you are committed to enhancing your spiritual life, then this book is for you.

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